Drugs Are The Problem, Not The Solution
By Dr. Yee Wing Tong 



A recent study documents the alarming rise of psychotropic drugs prescribed for children. The medical profession, politicians, and the media express their concern and propose remedial measures. However, none of the proposals addresses the root problems: 1. The general misconception on drug therapy, and 2. The lack of effective orthodox treatments for mental problems, and the reluctance of the medical profession to accept better alternatives. 

Psychiatrist Budner wrote in a Register commentary (3/19), “Prescribing psychiatric medications to children involves fundamental issues of liberty, power, and the use or misuse of science.” I do not see how drugging children can be associated with liberty and power. However, I can make a compelling case for the misuse of science by the pharmaceutical approach to diseases, which results in more harm than good. 

My medical training in physiology or other basic sciences never indicated that the body uses drugs for health maintenance. Hence, no disease can be the result of a drug deficiency. In other words, depression is not caused by the lack of Prozac. Hence, the use of Prozac for depression, or any drug for any disease, is not physiologic or scientific! 

Furthermore, long-term use of drugs is toxic, especially to a growing child. Legalizing a drug does not reduce its toxicity. It makes no sense that we vigilantly fight the abuse of illegal drugs, such as Amphetamine, yet regularly poison children with similar legal stimulants, such as Ritalin. 

A basic flaw is that drugs treat symptoms rather than their cause. Masking hyperactive symptoms with Ritalin does not rectify the underlying cause of the symptoms, which continues to erode the body. It is akin to covering wall stains without fixing the underlying water leak, which keeps on rotting the system. The neglected root disease and the adverse drug effects contribute to health deterioration. 

A study in JAMA (4/15/98) indicates that properly prescribed drugs in hospitals kill over 100,000 people annually in the U.S.! This does not include data of non-hospital patients, improperly filled prescriptions, and unreported cases, which can drastically exacerbate the negative picture, as most adverse cases are unreported. Topping this decadence is the CDC statistic showing that the number one killer for Americans 35 or younger is from “unintentional injections and adverse reactions” ? a euphemism for drug therapies! 

Drugs, therefore, are the problem rather than the answer. The dilemma is the dearth of effective remedies for mental disorders. The Surgeon General recently declared mental diseases an epidemic, as they affect 22% of Americans. A Gallop poll also indicated that 10% of those older than 12 had considered committing suicide, and 1/3 had actually tried it! 

According to Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Jamison, more than 30,000 people commit suicide in the U.S. every year. It is the 3rd leading cause of death among those ages 15-24, and the rate among teenagers has quadrupled in the past 45 years. She wrote a book sharing her own struggle with manic-depressive problem, revealing the ineptitude of physicians in healing themselves. 

I also had a brief personal encounter with depression after a long bout of chronic pain. Mental anguish, I discovered, is much worse than physical pain. Today, I am free of any symptoms. My solution is an east/west treatment, called Neuro-BioEnergetics (NBE), homeopathy and food supplements. It is based on an energy paradigm of mind/body medicine, and enhancing innate healing rather than disrupting body functions with drugs. 

Doctors have failed to find a cure for mental disorders because they are preoccupied with the drug approach. Simple logics have also eluded them, such as the fact that diseases ultimately are caused by abnormal lifestyle factors, such as stress and improper nutrition, and not the lack of drugs. 

Food processing deprives the body of raw materials for repairs and functions, weakening its adaptability to physical and emotional trauma. Refined sugar causes hypoglycemia and wild mood swings. Energizing phosphoric acids in soda drinks deplete calming alkaline minerals, aggravating hyperactive and mood problem from refined carbohydrates. Excessive use of phony food, preservatives, additives, mind-altering or other drugs, and stress are root reasons behind the radical aggressive behaviors in today’s youths. 

Instead of addressing the root causes, society seeks unnatural quick fixes because of the monetary factor. Money is the motivation behind the drug industry, organized medicine, pharmaceutical research, HMO’s, politics, professional journals and the media. There is little reward for a true cure of diseases, and information on disease cures are suppressed. Consequently, patients suffer. 

It is especially unfortunate for children, as they have not had a chance for the full human experience. They are too young to die from degenerative disorders. Instead, dogmatic professionals ruin them through the use of drugs.

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