Circle of Friends Is Inspiring 
By Rudi Kadre



A small circle of friends gathered in Colorado back in the early 70’s with a vision of community living and interaction, which would support the evolution of all souls to be free and clear, and to live creative, healthy and happy lives. In the mid-80’s a few of them settled in Southern California, which since has become the World Evolution home base.  You may have visited or seen the Long Beach center at 4th and Cherry, named the World Evolution Yoga Community & Healing Center; the retreat acreage in Boulevard in San Diego County, named Liberty Advance; or the artist cooperative that from 1993-2000 was located in San Diego at 6th and Broadway, named the World Evolution Loft.

 In each of these centers you would find the opportunity for spiritual study and guidance; classes in yoga, meditation and sound practices; healing sessions in massage, reiki, shiatsu and 25th century gadgetry; divination sessions in tarot, numerology and astrology; books and tools for sale; training in sexuality to evolve, heal and celebrate; assistance to maintain clarity and openness in the transitions of birth and death; residential training in how to be responsible and manifest your dreams, being of service, and being in love; and exploration through art by way of traditional, digital and performance art to unify the hearts of all people and express gratitude for life. 

Mursshud, who founded this creative community and serves as its primary guide, most recently has been offering a formula for living karma-free or problem-free.  Step One in the formula is to open all the chakras in the body so they circulate energy.  We know they are open if we can feel each one.  Start at the tip of your spine, and then move up through your sex organs, navel, heart, throat, third eye and crown. 

You may also start at the crown and work your way down, but the method simply is to focus your attention in each area until you feel the energy there. Focus mainly on the tip of the spine, because when this center is open, the next four more easily open; and when the crown is open, the third eye is open.  Step Two is to say YES to whatever comes to us.  If it is positive for our growth, we will enter a process of creative manifestation, which will result in something of a miracle beyond our imagination.  If it is unnecessary or negative to our growth, it will simply pass through and disappear without our involvement.  He explains that with this kind of openness, we will not get stuck in any place, but be able to move freely and creatively without any conflict with life’s experiences. 

Coming up are two great opportunities to increase our understanding and ability to work creatively in relationships, and to deeply detoxify and heal all systems of the body-heart-mind complex.  From Tuesday, May 8 through Sunday, May 13, Daniel Giamario who is a world-renown astrologer and Murshida Rudi Kadre who is a teacher of the yogas and meditation, will collaborate to offer a retreat in Shamanic Astrology and Yoga to explore our relationship with the stars, each other and our ancient spiritual roots under the vast starry sky of Liberty Advance in east San Diego County. 

From Tuesday through Sunday, June 5-10, June 12-17, and June 19-24, Liberty Advance will host three Detox and Healing Sessions which incorporates yoga and meditation, creative activity and bodywork, detox diet and Japanese hydrotherapy, rest and group study of traditional teachings that evolve our awareness.  These activities are performed in two hour cycles, ‘round the clock for five days to completely reorient our physical-emotional-mental mechanism to a vital and clear state. Mursshud will be available most days during these events to meet with the group in a dynamic and interactive teaching session. 

There is more happening at the Practitioners’ House in San Diego, Venice Beach, San Francisco, the Seattle area, and Denver, as well as with the Traveling Love Show which  takes all of these tools and modalities on the road in the United States and abroad. 

A participant at the Long Beach center who is now the on-site manager at Liberty Advance says the greatest thing about the World Evolution community is that there is a place for everyone. She says anyone at anytime immediately can get involved to explore an artistic dream, receive healing or do service work, and become part of the love that is infectiously shared. World Evolution occurs as we say YES to the fulfillment of each soul’s purpose and dream!

For all these activities and locations, you may call (800) 434-YOGA (9642) and visit the developing website at

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