The Power of A Mother's Faith
By Annavae



On May 11, 2002 a baby was born prematurely at 27 weeks with a severe heart condition due to domestic violence. Her young mother was warned not to allow the infant to cry for a prolonged length of time as it could complicate the baby's condition even further. Mother and child spent one week in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

It was touch and go from minute to minute. They were finally released into the care of a cardiologist who insisted that the infant would have to go in for surgery immediately, but couldn't guarantee the child wouldn't be permanently disabled in some way.

After a sleepless week in the NICU, she tried everything in her power as a single parent to keep the newborn calm once she'd been allowed to bring her home. It took every ounce of strength she had to get her daughter home from the cardiologist and safely tucked into her crib before she collapsed.

Having been raised Catholic, she had seen the power of prayers in action before but she knew it was going to take more than her humble and exhausted prayers of desperation to turn things around in her daughter's favor and she was not about to leave anything to chance.

She picked herself up and embraced her own mother's philosophy that God hears the prayers that come from the heart, no matter what language they're offered in. The young mother grabbed her phone and began to call on every faith-based avenue she could think of from the Catholic Churches to Native American Healers to Tibetan monks.

She called every good-hearted human being she could until her fingers were numb and her voice was so weak she couldn't talk anymore. One by one they answered their phones, while opening their minds and hearts beyond any preconceived notions about age, circumstance, creed or remuneration and set to work.

They all offered up prayers for the young mother and child in crisis and turned around to call on the good will of every avenue they knew of to ask for more. The mother began receiving so many e-mails of support that she couldn't even answer them all.

All she could do was to hold her baby in her arms while waves of gratitude filled her heart and spilled forth from the tears in her eyes. Knowing they'd done everything they could to help, she offered up the rest to the One who'd created their beautiful souls in the beginning.

As the fateful date of the infant's last appointment before the scheduled surgery neared, it was as if all of those prayers had merged into a ball of light embracing them  both in peace. While some felt distressed, the little one didn't cry at all. As the young mother, with trembling arms, handed her tiny baby over to the cardiologist to perform the last of the tests, she felt something miraculous begin to shift.

Looking into her daughter's soft brown eyes she marveled at the level of strength with which one tiny hand was gripping her finger as if to say don't give up. The mother watched the doctor go through his normal routine of tests but began to sense something peculiar as he checked and double-checked everything he was doing, as if there were a glitch in the machine.

Suddenly the doctor turned towards her stammering and half demanding to know what she'd done! Every test he'd run and double-checked on the baby's heart had come back normal.

After several attempts at trying to explain about all the people who had sent prayers to a man who obviously wasn't ready to believe in the miraculous power of a mother's faith, she then calmly collected her daughter, offered their thanks for his time and left. Mother and child then headed home to get on the phone yet again, offering thanks to all who had helped and to share the joyous news.

Ironically as word of the miracle spread, this young mother began receiving similar requests for prayers asking what she would charge for her assistance. Having witnessed the miracle firsthand the mother knew she hadn't been the One who had performed it nor would she be performing those to assist others. She prayed and was guided to set up a healing website and was told to trust.

While all experiences tend to be relative and most of us have relatives who've had to raise children on their own, sadly our world still has a long way to go in transcending outdated fear-based judgments towards single mothers. Judgments that not only cause harm to the mothers but may also inhibit them from providing for their children.

There's an old saying; that those who have the ability to take action to better the lives of children also have the responsibility to follow through. My grandfather taught me; so long as children are being born and people are willing to raise them with love, there will always be hope for tomorrow. Virtually all faith-based traditions teach that we should treat others as we wish to be treated.

While it may seem impossible at times to find compassion in a world that appears to be infested with fear, all children know the minute we add a drop of white paint into a dark color it's no longer dark, rather varying shades. The instant we open our minds and hearts to add rainbows of color to that, there's no limit to the beauty we can create.

While some may have suffered less than this young mother and her child, and some suffered more, some chose to believe false assumptions and others allowed the tangible truth of their story to open their heart's door even wider. Neither have gone without wholesome food in their bellies, warm clothes on their backs and gratitude in their hearts which continues to bring all that is needed to not only meet their basic needs, but to continue helping others for the greater good.

I know this to be true for two reasons; because I was there to witness it from the beginning and, because the ³miracle baby² who survived being born prematurely with a heart condition, yet prospered against all odds to be just as healthy, energetic and strong as all of the other children her age, by the grace of our Creator, is my daughter.

While those who are reading this now may not be mothers, or even parents in the traditional sense, we are all children of yesterday who are now being called to raise the future leaders, teachers and healers of tomorrow. These children will shape our future as either being fear-based or faith-based. We're all here with a unique, higher purpose and we all deserve to be loved and respected.

We have witnessed a miracle together in sharing and reading this story which proves that even the seemingly impossible is never impossible, it just takes a little more courage, faith and support to accomplish. May we all find a special way to show a mother we care today, since none of us would be here now if it were not for our Creator's love and the power of a mother's faith.

Annavae is a Holistic Healer, Spiritual Advisor, Mediator, Singer/Songwriter, Sacred Artist and Advocate for Children with Special Needs and The Prevention of Domestic Violence as a Togdenma, as well as Mamasattvah who devotes her time to raising her daughter on faith-based traditions with love, by supporting the Earth and all her children in co-creating and sustaining the healthy, happy and peaceful futures we all deserve. Her name means Ray of Light. Why not allow the same light that guided you to read this, to lend even more healing, inspiration or support today by visiting


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