The Phenomenal Growth of the
Raw Spirit
By Elizabeth Hoyt



"In spite of the economy, the Raw Spirit Movement is expanding exponentially," explains Ms. Happy Oasis, the Chief Visionary Officer of the Raw Spirit Festival, the world's leader and largest clearing-house for enormous healthy-living-raw-eco-peace conventions and celebrations throughout the year.

"These festivals contain the seriously educational, playful, eco and soulful components that people are hankering for, including world-class inspirational music, dancing that heals, organic raw vegan demos, an interactive play stage, the dynamic doctor stage, sacred exercise and meditation areas, a creative children's program

Also available are opportunities to share raw miracle testimonials and festimonials, organic shopping in the forest beneath venerable oaks, an exotic and local farmers' market, an eco-athletic fashion show, talent show, speed dating, inspirational poetry open mike, and the largest organic raw vegan eclectic restaurant court on Earth.

Q. What is the Raw Spirit's secret to success?

A. Everyone can activate the miraculous by beginning each day in prayer and living from there... proceeding from the highest spiritual dream upward, manifesting in a mystical manner rich with laughter, poetry, cooperation, hugs, exercise, creative hard work, gratitude for all, and an opening to perpetual grace.

Q. Why is Raw Spirit thriving in this economy?

A. Recession is an extension of recess. I loved recess at school! Recession is our opportune time to go out and play, to re-assess values, and this is precisely what humanity is doing. Health, eco-wise solutions and peaceful living rank among humanity's top three values, and these three have comprised the over-arching themes of the Raw Spirit since its inceptional festival in May of 2005.

The Festival is now held in several locations and well on its way to once again achieving the phenomenal 200% average annual growth that Raw Spirit has managed to contain in each of its five years. When last September every hotel in Sedona, Arizona was booked, or overbooked, by thousands of thralling Raw Spirit participants who jammed the roads, we knew we had outgrown Sedona.

This year's new locations are more spacious and gorgeous than previously imagined possible, each a natural treasure trove which features a faerie taleesque ambience replete with forests, meadows, mountains and lakes or streams. The Raw Spirit Dream Team is now selling tickets for Raw Spirit - Santa Barbara, June 5-7; Raw Spirit - Maryland-DC, August 29-30; Raw Spirit - Arizona, in the Granite Dells near Prescott, AZ - September 26-27.

A dizzying schedule of nearly 100 Raw Spirit Potluck Celebrations and related gatherings in 2009 offer both the curious new and longtime devoted the chance to taste the magic of Raw Spirit for an afternoon or evening. "No words can convey feeling of celebration inherent in Raw Spirit which is the sole festival known to be completely organic, child-, singles- and family-friendly, meat-free, drug-free, alcohol-free, pet-free and feel-free.

Stellar health is an option for nearly everyone. Incorporating more greens and fruits into one's regime is the short cut to success, and for beginners, enjoying them as gourmet food is key. Contrary to myth, eating fresh foods is as affordable as one makes it. The festival aims to demonstrate how disease can be obsolete by simply embracing the blissipline of dining primarily on dishes consisting of fresh organic vegetables and fruits.

"Being ill is so past-century," says Happy Oasis who believes that "instead of focusing on what is wrong, the essential questions of these times are "How healthy can we be? What would we love to experience today? What would we love to offer the world?"

As for the future? The Raw Spirit staff hints of expanding the festival to extraordinary international locations in the not-too-distant future, but for now they are busy spreading the bliss about healthfully living in peace, while preparing for the largest Raw Spirit Festival yet in Santa Barbara, June 5-7.

For more information, visit: Raw Spirit Festival is an educational 501c3 non-profit organization.


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