The Most Important Relationship You Will Ever Have
Is the One within You
By Linda Jean McNabb



The most important relationship we'll ever have is the one within ourselves, which is with God because we are one with God. Even though we are not totally awakened to that truth, it is worth facing toward that relationship now in order to make our way back Home while making the journey worth it.

We are so focused on our careers, relationships with our families and others, and just the day-to-day survival in this crazy world that we often neglect our own needs. This is nothing new, we've all heard this before. So how exactly do we take better care of ourselves?

How do we fill ourselves up first, so we have something more to offer our world? The answer is forgiveness. Through forgiveness you will make yourself whole from past and present wounds, awaken spiritually, and walk through a door to a whole new life.

By going within and becoming intimate with ourselves we will unlock a new day and a new life. And forgiveness is the key. When we transform our inner relationship, our outer relationships will transform as well, easily and effortlessly. As my own inner relationship transformed, I was amazed as the closest and most tumultuous relationships in my life changed. We became closer, more loving, and more intimate than I ever dreamed possible.

It took me a number of years and a great deal of suffering to realize the key to my inner and outer peace was to replace judgment with forgiveness. However, once I began forgiving I began to feel more inner peace within a short period of time and my outer life began to also change.

My childhood was traumatic followed by decades of suicidal depression, alcoholism, and a self-destructive lifestyle. At age 29 I began climbing out the hole I was in, through counseling and studying spiritual teachings.

Slowly over the years my addictions began to fall away and I began to feel better, but my life-long patterns of lack, insecurity, and guilt continued to plague me like a broken record. Fast forward to about two years ago when a book by best-selling author Gary Renard, The Disappearance of the Universe, was placed into my hands.

I had become disillusioned over the years trying all of the formulas for creating a better life, only to end up back at square one: alone, broke, afraid, and feeling like I'd done something terribly wrong. Finding myself homeless and penniless, the last thing I wanted to do was read another spiritual book.

Once I picked up that book however, I couldn't put it down. It threw me for a loop and challenged all that I had believed to be true. It said that there are two worlds, the world of God and the world of man. And that only the world of God is real. It said that we cannot be separate from God, but we can imagine we are separate from God, and that is how this world of form was created. At the original moment that we imagined we were separate from God, we felt pain and guilt.

The ego offered us a way to project all that into the world to alleviate pain and make it look like it was out there so we could pretend the world was being done to us, rather than by us. This world is an illusion formed by the projection of our one mind. We are one mind appearing as many bodies. Our body, all other bodies and everything in the entire world is a projection. It is not real.

We have been stuck in this illusion for so long that we believe it is reality. The truth is that we are in perfect oneness with God right now. It is as if we are asleep and dreaming this illusion. Ego is nothing more than the false thought that we are separate from God. The way to awaken from our slumber and remember what we truly are is to undo the ego by releasing or forgiving all of our false thoughts of separation.

While it is true that in ultimate reality there is nothing to forgive because it is perfect oneness, within this illusion undoing the ego works to awaken us from this dream. If the ego is like an onion, layers of false thoughts of separation, we will eventually undo or peel away the layers until there is nothing standing between us and total awareness of our perfect oneness with God. And much like when we awaken from a dream we have while sleeping in our beds at night, we will eventually awaken and see that we've never actually left the safety of God's perfect love.

Heaven is unity and perfect oneness with God. This illusion is distance from God and disunity. Dis-unity can never be unity. It is as simple as that. We spend our entire lives trying to fix a problem that is impossible to fix and in ultimate reality doesn't exist.

The suffering over the past ended once I realized that I am immortal spirit and not a body. This liberated me because I no longer define myself by what has happened to my body. As immortal spirit there is no damage or death. If I am immortal spirit then so are all others and we are all innocent.

This is how I was able to forgive others and myself. If I can end my suffering, then so can others. There is a way to make our way back to our real Home and have inner peace while doing so. When you are at peace within, you are at peace with the whole world.

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