Sexually-Transmitted Diseases
By Alex Strande, Ph.D.

Sexually-transmitted diseases, or STDs, are some of the most common infectious diseases in the U.S. that are spread via sexual activities, such as vaginal intercourse, oral sex, or anal sex.

STDs cause sores and foul-smelling discharge, and can lead to serious complications, such as liver failure, cancers, neurological, mental problems and death! Preventing STDs is possible by following simple sexual hygiene.

The higher the number of sexual partners you have and the less you know about their sexual and drug habits, then the higher your risk is of getting an STD. Fall in love and make a real effort to stay with one partner for ever. Have plenty of orgasmic sex. If one partner does not have enough sex drive come to me and your will see a difference in several days using simple liquid herbal mixes.

STDs are caused by one of the 3 types of organisms: parasites, bacteria or viruses.

Parasitic STDs
The most common of STDs caused by parasites is pubic lice or crabs. Pubic lice infect pubic hair and live by sucking blood. They are spread through sexual activity but can be passed from clothing or objects, such as toilet seats and bed blankets.

Pubic lice cause the infected person to itch as the parasites suck blood. The lice do not produce a rash, but scratching the skin constantly could cause irritation as the skin becomes raw and possibly infected with secondary microorganisms. In addition, some people have a inflammatory skin reaction to the lice¹s bite.

Lice can be seen by the naked eye upon close inspection. With a magnifying lens, eggs can be seen, usually attached to the base of pubic hairs. The lice can be treated and destroyed with one application of a prescription medication or with an over-the-counter shampoo. For those people that don¹t like drugs, a very easy and effective naturopathic protocol is available.

Bacterial STDs
Three of the most common STDs caused by bacteria: chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. In both men and women, chlamydia infection can cause an abnormal genital discharge and burning during urination. If chlamydia goes untreated in women, it may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause a woman to become infertile or to have actopic pregnancies, or both.

It is common for people with chlamydia to have few or no symptoms of infection. Chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics. It responds very fast to therapeutic doses of liquid herbs that are immunostimulating, antibiotic and lymphatic in action. Typically you see results within days.

Bacteria can also cause gonorrhea. Most common symptoms of gonorrhea: discharge from the vagina or penis, painful or difficult urination. The most common and serious complications of gonorrhea occur in women. They include pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which carries a risk of actopics pregnancies, and infertility.

PID will respond wonderfully to selected female reproductive herbs and is gone within typically 2-3 months. New powerful antibiotics can be used to treat gonorrhea, but there can be bad side effects. Like with chlamydia, killing gonorrhea is easy with liquid herbal extracts.

Syphilis, like gonorrhea and chlamydia, is also caused by bacteria. Syphilis may go undetected at first because symptoms usually start out mild and can disappear suddenly. The earliest symptom is a painless, open sore that may appear: on the penis, around or in the vagina, near the mouth, near the anus, or on the hands.

If untreated, syphilis may advance to more serious stages.

A temporary rash develops at first, but eventually the heart and central nervous system may become infected. The full course of the disease can take years. Penicillin is effective, but I get stunning results with herbal extracts.

Viral STDs
Most common STDs that are caused by viruses are AIDS, genital herpes, HPV/genital warts and Hepatitis C. AIDS is caused by the HIV virus that destroys the body¹s ability to fight off infection. The HIV virus spreads primarily during sexual activity.

It will also spread through shared needles used by intravenous drug users. People who have AIDS have a weak immune systems and their body cannot fight off diseases very well. Early signs include extreme tiredness and fever. During later stages of AIDS, pneumonia or cancer may develop, which ultimately leads to death.

Genital herpes affects over 60 million people in US. The main sign of herpes is painful blisters or open sores in the genital areas. Before these show up, the person may feel a tingling or burning sensation in the genital region, legs, or buttocks. In women, herpes sores could be hidden inside the vagina. Some women may not even know they are infected.

Herpes sores come and go, but the virus will remain in the body forever and lesions will keep returning. Genital warts are usually small, hard, painless bumps in the vagina area, on the penis, or around the anus. If this is untreated, the warts may grow and develop a fleshy, cauliflower-like appearance.

In addition to warts, certain HPV viruses can cause cancer of the cervix and other genital cancers. Don¹t believe when some doctors tell you that there is no HPV testing for a male or the HPV can not cause cancer of the penis.

Hepatitis C is not necessarily caused by sex. A direct blood contact/exchange is typically required, but don¹t bet on it. I like to put it in a STDs group anyway. It is of epidemic proportion in U.S.

No drugs can cure viral STDs. As a microbiologist and a naturopath, it is my favorite area of interest because I get very good results. A combination of potent herbal extracts mixed with the right nutritional approach can bring fast results especially in Herpes 2, HPV, and Hep C.

HPV herbal treatment is so effective, that not only symptoms, but also antibodies may vanish. Herpes takes two weeks to start noticing results. To get results with herpes, I use a combination of silver-herbal ointments and potent immunomodulating and anti-viral herbal agents.

With Hep C you can live to the full extent of your life by keeping the viral load down and regenerating liver. I recently had the worst case of Hep. C ever with cirrhosed liver, generally a hopeless case, needing a liver transplant right now. Within two months it was like a miracle: good liver enzymes and a low viral load. Yellow, dead-like skin look was gone. The chronic fatigue and pains throughout the body, all associated with the virus are also gone.

Alex Strande, Ph.D. is a Traditional Naturopath and Microbiologist. His special interests are difficult conditions. He can be reached at this office in Irvine at (949) 587-1513 for questions and appointments. Find more information about Dr. Strande¹s background, articles published and many testimonials at


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