Live H2O United by Love Concert Global Prayers over Troubled Waters!
By Kay Walburger



Prayers United by Love for Mother Earth and All Life are bringing together thousands of people worldwide for a three-day event to say "Thank You! and I Love You, Mother of All the Life-Giving & Life-Sustaining Waters!"  Why?

Our words have amazing power for positive changes according to studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto. His research shows the 'Words' "Thank You!" and "I Love You!" can change the molecular structure of 'Water' and create beautiful Crystals. The photos of these pristine 'snowflake-shaped crystals have been shown many times in the media and on the Internet, proving water has memory and is conscious to our words, thoughts, and intentions.

Mother Earth is calling out to us, her beloved children, to do something to heal Our Planet from pollution and misuse. Live H2O is the opportunity for which many have been searching!

528 To Set Everything Straight!
In a collaborative effort, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and his colleagues have determined mathematically and scientifically that the frequency 528hz is the vibration of Love, which can be transmitted harmoniously through water, the universal conductor of energy. Their idea is to present a positive possibility that has the potential to bring about sustainable transformation on a global scale!

Everything has a vibration, and 528 is a simple number that is central to the "musical mathematical matrix of creation."  More than any sound previously discovered, this "LOVE frequency" resonates harmonically in your heart, inaudibly connecting your spiritual essence to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth. This is why we lovingly request that recording artists involved in LIVE H2O gain the "power of 528 to set everything straight."

528hz tuning produces greater relaxation and creative self-expression. Science has proven that even parallel universes connect to the center of your heart using this LOVE frequency. In fact, 528hz is fundamental to broadcasting matter and energy according to the laws of physics. This frequency, more than any other, epitomizes the unified field of musical metaphysics in the matrix of a spiraling fractal universe.

Summer Solstice June 19-21, 2009 is the perfect time for this audacious event to take place in several locations in the U.S. and other countries. It will be broadcast 'Live on the Internet' so anyone anywhere can Participate Virtually!

This is a totally free, non-profit, 72-hour global event to bring humanity back to unity in the name of LOVE, by celebrating the Sacred Water of the Earth, "The Living Waters." Tune into on June 19-21, or bring your friends, family, voices, drums, art, music and LOVE to your closest venue.

"The whole world is seeking a Spiritual Renaissance," reminds Dr. Horowitz. The 'self-organizing' aspect of this "Global Baptism" thrills the organizers of this 3-Day Event. Friends are inviting their personal circle of family and friends to take part in whatever they feel called to do. It is an all 'Volunteer Event,' so only people with their hearts wide open will be assisting in its many aspects.

Major musical artists are joining in for the occasion to "Marry Humanities Heart" to the Universal Solvent "Water," using Universal Music (9 cosmic notes) to produce a Universal Healing of Love. Together music, prayers, and voices will create joyful vibrations producing "Love Potion #9" for all to savor! Remember the human body is 70-90% 'water'!

This frequency of Love provides enough for everyone to partake of this Divine Destiny. The 9 notes of music can create a spectrum of sound that initiates a Matrix of Love and Bliss Spiritually and Physically. "You are metaphorically a Liquid Crystal of Consciousness!"

Water, as the superconductor of creative energy, does more than clean up messes. The liquid crystal "creative juice" sustains biology, universal unity, and the miracle of spirituality. So, to re-create yourself in optimal health, and restore our planet to its fullest blessing, we plan to sing a "new LOVE song" during LIVE H2O, and hope that you will lend your voice to the chorus."

The concert will be held on June 19-21 at Belmont Shore Beach in Long Beach (Ocean Blvd. between Granada and Clairmont). The main focus for the 3 days: Friday on Education; Saturday on Music; and Sunday on Prayer.

There will be food vendors (regular, vegan, raw etc.), Musicians who have been confirmed are Peter Sterling, Elivia Melody, and Ken Davis. The process of confirming artists, speakers and entertainers is still continuing.

There will be three different stages; the main one where the big bands will play and some of the very popular speakers will present; there will be another stage for more speakers, musicians and entertainment.

A third stage in the children's area will be hosting all types of presenters, activities (martial arts, Native American ceremony, yoga, dancing, singing, a story reader, puppet show, magician, etc.) We will have children's vendors and other organizations offering activities, and The Children of Today will be offering its "Free to Be ME" Journeys of Empowerment.

The event features live video streams from nine main venues worldwide. This will be broadcast free for 72 hours on the Internet. It will be one of the first times in history that people will join each other in singing and chanting from various venues using the multi-media Internet connections. We are alerting the Guinness World Book of Records in this regard.

All ages are welcome. Several children's events are scheduled to keep the whole family celebrating. There will be food, water, picnicking (with everyone being requested to keep beach clean and clear any litter they see.)

This is not a religious event, however, all Spiritual Communities are invited. We welcome all those who are called to join us in this amazing event! 

Close your eyes and imagine you are an integral part of a global experiment comprised of people all over the world who will gather together at sacred sites and at oceans, lakes, and rivers to hydrosonically transmit the frequency of love, in a synchronistic voice!

For more information, please visit: or call (949) 254-2191.


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