Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 63), author of the national award-winning book Never "Old," plus The Rejuvenator's Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of "aging."

Presently answering the question: "How does what we SEE affect how we age?"

Dear Readers,
One of my favorite sayings is "what you see is what you get," which is the main reason why I consistently avoid seeing death-obsessed, violent movies, for what we SEE ( too often, or maybe not often enough) is surely what we get (INSIDE).

But there does seem to be at least some hope of relief from the ongoing deluge of violent-crime-murder-death-focused movies, evident by this year's Academy Awards giving the relatively non-violent, murder-free, "anti-aging" film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" the most nominations (13).

This was one movie I took the time to see (on video here in the Philippines), drawn to its fascinating plot about Benjamin Button, a man who, via unusual circumstances, gradually grows younger-looking instead of older.

This somewhat complicated adaptation was taken from a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a story with many similarities to my own life. But thankfully, I rely on true-to-life techniques (instead of facial masking or camera effects) to enable my quite real and continual rejuvenation.

Indeed, the "special effects" of a movie camera seem quite petty when compared to what can be done by way of the amazing abilities of human vision, eyesight which, just for starters, is able to vividly discern over TEN THOUSAND colors.

And this is an ability which, unlike a camera, needs neither light, nor batteries, nor electricity to function, for we can see a vast array of colors and scenes even with eyes closed, especially while dreaming.

All of which brings us to this present-time penetration into the vast abilities of human visionary-mindpower, whereby the truism of "what you see is what you get" (INSIDE) gets some long-needed attention.

Yes, seeing IS believing, and by taking the time to look into it, we can discover there are powers within us that go far beyond technology, pharmacology or surgery, because only mind-power can self-generate a truly healing energy, a skill that can be both subtle, or if focused and developed, extremely powerful.

Often I detect just a (hint) of this mysterious energy when inside my car, looking at someone through the tinted glass of its side windows. Although people outside the vehicle (that I focus on) cannot see my eyes or face through the tinted glass, many times I've noticed that they FEEL the ENERGY of my vision and KNOW I am looking at them.

And although this is just a subtle example of the penetration of vision-energy, by taking it to another level, I've figured out how to use this relatively unexplored tool as a mode of healing self-renewal.


For example, the next time you accidentally get a scratch or cut, try looking into it (so deeply) that you can willfully speed-up its healing process. I've done this many times, so effectively that, with practice, I can heal-up sores or scratches (almost COMPLETELY) in a single day!

And the same kind of healing-vision-power can be generated by anyone willing to try some crucial INNER-SELF time, thereby penetrating the  harmonious-mind-body-unity that I call "I"NITY.

What we uncover by exploring this, is a working mode of synchronicity that enables a willful SEEING INTO (thereby healing) ailments that may trouble you. . . whether it be to relieve skeletal-muscle-pain and tension causing a facial wrinkle. . . or to ease the pain of sore gums. . . or to clear-up an infection. . . or perhaps to cure a cancerous tumor. . .

LEARNING to connect personal power with healing via the potent resource I've spent decades trying to explain, clarify and share, de-mystifying this inner light, internal sun "IT" that I call CREATIONARY ENERGY.

Hence the central purpose of this column, along with my books, lectures, seminars and travels, traversing the frontiers of this "IT" that I totally BELIEVE in and thus utilize. . . practicing, proving and poeticizing "IT" (for artfully poeticizing something helps people enjoy and absorb its TRUTH).

Therefore, I also compose and joyfully sing songs about "IT," and even make paintings about "IT," spiritually-evoked works that have transformed my house into a seaside, musical art gallery. And why not, for I AM a TRUE YOUTHMAN, (hopefully) sparked by being a Renaissance-Rejuvenating-Pioneer-Seer. . . a believer in people like Michelangelo, a SEER who, even during the disease-ridden "middle ages," lived inventively and creatively till the advanced age of 89.

And surely he did that with a LOT of help from the inspirational "IT" that I find to be the NEW WAVE of REAL medicine. . .the NEW (but here since the beginning) FRONTIER, the "IT" visually evident in Michelangelo's marvelous painting of his Adam reaching to touch the hand of the CREATOR (within him). . .thereby reaching out (inwardly), to help SEE the blessings of what I call the BodyGod, the ever-present, self-renewing, creative-energy "IT". . .

Jesse is presently on a sabbatical in the Philippines, thereby not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia (to answer any questions about true rejuvenation) by emailing jesseis


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