So, What Have You Learned about Love?
Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



What have you learned about love so far in your life?

What a juicy question. Two huge themes emerged from what we've learned in our lives.

First, each of us deserves to receive full love. This is a HUGE learning point. So many suffer in "love" because they are receiving so much less than genuine love. That was painfully true for us earlier in our lives.

Second, each of us deserves to give full love. This is also a HUGE learning point. Many people cause others to suffer in love by withholding genuine love - either through ignorance or uncaring hearts.

Think of times where someone has been more patient with you than you thought you deserved, more unselfish than you'd asked for, more caring than you even knew you needed, more giving than you had expected, or more forgiving than you thought possible.

This is what real love feels like and we deserve both to receive and give this love. Think of times when a loved one has tuned in to your heart and offered generous encouragement and praise, helping you to remember that you are a good and wonderful person.

These examples show the power of love that is expressed through mutually caring hearts, to end suffering and to bring forth great joy and heart fulfillment.

Such powerful love has its roots in divinity - and this is the high learning about real love. We are all capable of being love beings. Staying close to divine Love enables us to experience and manifest this.

When we see ourselves as divine Ambassadors of Love, we open up to the Totality of the Presence of Love and experience Love's magnificence operating as a law of blessing to everyone and everything, including us!

As we turn directly to divine Love for the higher answers to our love needs and desires, we find Love's greatest gift, healing. Each of us can open up to the divine Presence and immediately receive comfort, guidance, and awakening which can replace a previous state of misery of any kind.

Such is the generous, rich nature of Love! Love is available to us all the time. We can access it just by asking, being open to Love, and listening for the answer.

The high secret of love is that we can learn what we need to know about love directly from Love itself. Without turning to divine Love directly - and listening keenly with our spiritual intuition - you would not have the experience or proof of your divine origin from Love. Nor would you ever realize that you are never alone. Love is always with you.

Without allowing your heart to open to receiving all love, and also expressing this full love to others, you would not be a full participant in the power of love to connect you deeply and in beautiful, intimate, and meaningful ways.

Love is the most profound, powerful, and advanced subject on earth. Yet we often tell ourselves that love is illusive, scary, sometimes hurtful, and that there isn't enough of it to go around. With a simple decision to start expressing and experiencing more love through our actions, we can actualize all the love we could ever want.

It's only when we think we will lose love through our separation from another person that we tell ourselves we can be hurt. But love itself does not hurt. It's our investment in the outcomes that disappoint us and shut us down, telling us we are hurt. Yet, love is forever available. Just like the air we breathe, we can have all we want.

Nothing will take us to the mountaintop of love as living close to Love itself. It may require extra courage and effort, but the commitment to grow means we can live a life that is worth living, rich with lessons as we free ourselves from limitations.

Love causes us to open our wings and fly over what appear to be obstacles, flying through the power of caring, expressing ourselves lovingly, forgiving, opening, offering kindness and patience, and becoming someone whom even we could admire. How powerful is that!

You deserve to experience the full dimension of love's embrace. This is what Love wants for you. Love wants you to receive it all and Love wants you to give it all. This is the high answer from Love Itself. © Copyright 2009 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott and Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization "Raising universal love awareness and awakening a world of Love Masters." They are authors of books on love and healing, including "The Love You Deserve," "Love Skills," and "Love Heals" (by Shannon), and they offer a free "Love Skills Course" at their website www.TheLoveCenter.com.


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