Good Fear
By Lisa Cherney



Don't be afraid! Watch your thoughts! Stay positive! We hear this a lot; so when we feel fear, we try to change it. We use affirmations. We ignore it, or change direction hoping it will go away. Of course, this just makes it bigger. Here is what I have learned: Not all fear is bad. In fact, fear is often born from inspiration. We get excited about something, want something, see something that sparks an idea, and that is what gives birth to our fear, almost like a reflex.

So, it's safe to say if there is fear, there is also the possibility for inspired action. Further, if it's fear born from inspiration, then it's good fear. We can even conclude that it is not "fear" at all, but a clever disguise which often misdirects us. We feel "fear" (or what we call fear), and we stop. We say, "I'm afraid," or turn away.

As Susan Jeffers says, "Feel the fear and do it anyway." Although this has become a well-worn quote, it's a way of being acknowledging that fear should not be an obstacle. Do not let fear paralyze your mission; instead, use it as fuel.

About FACE!
Here's what you can do. When you feel inspired, and then the fear comes, do an "about face" and reconnect with the inspiration. Don't ignore it, don't push through it, just turn around and strengthen your connection with the inspiration. Get pictures of it; connect with the feelings around it. Dig in, make it juicy, and it will come alive.

The more alive it is, the more fear transmutes into nervous excitement. When excitement is within you, you will have the motivation and the momentum to move. That movement is your mission directed action. This allows the Universe to support you, as well as the people around you. There is an incredible Source conspiring to support you, but only if you live long enough in the inspiration to own it and move to action. Not a lot of action, just the next indicated step.

Team Universe
 So, don't just sit there. Your job is to stay in the inspiration AND take whatever inspired action that comes to you. This is Team Universe giving you direction. Resist the temptation to get into the driver's seat. When we slip into driver's seat mode, we often drive right into fear again. This time, we take it more seriously. We have more on the line.

The inspiration is coming into view, and we convince ourselves the fear is "real" now. IT'S NOT! Do another "about face" and go back to your inspiration and await further instructions. (Under no circumstances turn on CNN, read the newspaper or listen to any family members who say they have been, "hit by the economy.")

Most of this last year, I stared the "economy" in the face and laughed. My business was doing fine. I loved telling people I didn't believe in the economy. In October, I caught the economy virus; first in my head, and then it spread to my business. I see this now. This was a very clever disguise that fear used to make itself appear more real. I could find lots of outside validation for my feelings, and I began to drown.

However, after years of being a "conscious business owner" who was always on the lookout for the next phase of my evolution, I had the sense that this was the fear before the inspiration. This was the dark before the dawn. I took my head out of the bad-economy sand and did everything I could to shore-up my connection to that inspiration; with extreme self-care (time off, massage, exercise, eating mindfully) and through strengthening my spiritual connection with meditation, community and time with mentors.

That's when I finally became willing to invest in help for my business. I took a leap (thank you credit cards) and within a month, through mission-directed action, I tripled my income. I hired a top coach, brought in massive administrative support and spent money I didn't appear to have. Space was created for the next phase to develop. I now see this as the most inspired action I'd taken in years.

Even if the next indicated step from Team Universe seems crazy, do it anyway. If you can manage to stay with the inspiration, you will know what to do next. Listen to the guidance. The rewards are massive!

And here's some more good news, the Source available to you doesn't need lots of detailed direction. This makes your job easier! You get inspired, you see the outcome and you go back to the inspiration and live there. Let the rest go.

When you get excited about a dream, dream it. When you get excited about a mission, live it. When you get excited about a purpose, go with it. When you get excited about a thing, make it. Team Universe conducts the orchestra, all you need to do is keep playing.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Master Marketing Consultant and Founder of Conscious Marketing TM  If you are ready to translate your passion into your marketing and attract more of your Ideal Clients, please visit or call (888) 771-0156.


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