Frequency's Rising... A Shift Update
By Jack Allis



The frequency is rising.

That's the report, and yes, it is that simple.

Here is the slightly longer version: the Earth has reached a point, in its 26,000-year cyclical journey through the galaxy, where it has entered a vast cosmic energy field. This field consists of energy of a higher frequency, and as the Earth continues on its course into this field, the frequency will continue to rise.

This is what is meant by "the shift" or "the Great Shift of the Ages." It is a shifting of the Earth's vital energy fields. It happens every 26,000 years, or so, and when it does, the Earth and all of its life forms experience monumental transformation.

It is essential to an understanding of all this to understand what is meant by "energy" in this context. Energy here does not refer to the electromagnetic energy we are all so familiar with, such as the kind that radiates from the Sun, or the kind that flows through the wires that run our electrical devices.

The energy we are talking about here, of which the visible electromagnetic spectrum is only an infinitesimal part, is infinitely vaster. This new energy is holographic. This means it also consists of consciousness. This is energy that thinks. It is the unseen intelligence at work in the universe, which governs the behavior of energy, and the multitude of forms it takes. It is the cosmic consciousness of a living universe.

How do we know this? There are many ways. One of the most important are the ancient prophecies from indigenous cultures spanning the globe, such as the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Hopis, and many more, who understood these galactic cycles and spiritual principles.

New Science clearly establishes that the Earth is already experiencing these shifting energies. Examples include the fact that its electromagnetic field is diminishing in intensity; its base resonant frequency is increasing, and its temperature is rising (the vast majority of which is not caused by humanity).

But for my purposes here, the source I want to cite is us. We, as spiritual people, with higher consciousness, know these things because we are feeling them. Everybody can feel that something is happening. Our world is changing. Time seems to be speeding up, which it is.

The experience of living is intensifying. More and more experience is packed into smaller and smaller increments of time. Our old paradigm world, built as it is upon the foundation of materialism and control, instead of spirituality, is falling apart.

Most people don't know these things. So, they lack a frame of reference, and the world just seems like it's going haywire. And most of these people are going haywire along with it.

For those of us, as spiritual people, who do have an awareness of these things, this colossal challenge morphs into a monumental blessing. To us, the world feels lighter and brighter, and our primary responsibility is to raise our own frequency to match the rising frequency of the forces around us.

What about the date December 21, 2012 and the ending of the Mayan Calendar? In my opinion, far too much emphasis is placed upon this date. The Mayan prophecies were just one of innumerable others, which came from indigenous people all over the planet. Plus, the Mayans were the only ones, to my knowledge, with a specific date, and even what was prophesized for that date is open to interpretation. Virtually all of these other prophecies refer to this time in general.

All of these ancient prophecies share one other major thing in common, and it is the one thing we need to remember here, if we are to persevere in this great challenge, and create the new world. And it is this: it's up to us - the human inhabitants of this magnificent Planet to make this happen.

And there's only one way to do it, and this is with the power of our higher consciousness and spirituality. The old paradigm of materialism and controlling the forces that nature cannot possibly sustain itself. To create the new paradigm, humanity must reestablish its lost connection with life's vital energy and with the rhythm and flow of life. Losing this connection was where everything went off track to begin with.

Once again, it's just that simple. One of the reasons many people struggle with all this, and cave in to feelings of fear and doomsday, is because most of the so-called experts on the shift make it so complicated. There seems to be an obsession with dates, and predicting all the possible scenarios, such as calculating those places that will remain above water, and astral bodies or ships that are due to arrive, and on and on. I believe most of the prophecies would agree that this can be a distraction.

There are limitless possibilities regarding what might happen, and nobody knows for certain what will happen. People really only need to hear one thing - relax your body, quiet your mind, raise your frequency, and harmonize your energy with the forces surrounding us. Our spirituality is the primary source of protection in the face of these Earth changes, and the primary source of power to make the dimensional shift to a new world of light and spirit.

Jack Allis is the author of the blockbuster novel "Infinity's Flower - A Tale of 2012 & the Great Shift of the Ages." Since its publication, he has become the living embodiment of its message, traveling the country, and delivering its message to as many awakening souls as he can reach. Jack is also a personal growth and spiritual teacher, emphasizing harmony of the body, mind and spirit, and teaching people how to experience peacefulness and joy in their lives, and to manifest their dreams. For more information, visit


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