What Is Possible for You in Relationship to Money,

Career, Health, Love, & Beauty?
By Kay Walburger

“What is possible for you?”  Did you ever ask yourself that question? I did, now I’m exploring my possibilities! We have been told of “Infinite Possibilities!” We need mentors and guides to help us explore our Full Potential and give us clues and encouragement if we are to succeed.

Start Here! Orange County Wellness Center is an excellent place to begin because all our relationships, personal or professional, begin with our primary relationship to our self. After a lifetime of others telling us who we are, what we should do, or not do, and our old out-dated habit patterns; how do we begin to go to the next level of our full potential and live the promise of life from Our Destiny’s point of view?

The Center has Models, Mentors, and Guides, each ready, willing, and able to assist us in finding our own answers to nurture our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. We will find our own truth and live an authentic creative and balanced life in peace and harmony. What a concept!

Warning! Prepare for Resistance! Our own! Why? Because our survival response is designed to keep our body, mind, emotions, and spirit stabilized, and automatically resists sudden change without some form of intervention! A ‘near-death experience,’ an angel encounter or some mind-altering experience may help some make a quantum leap. A more logical and comfortable way to achieve our desired outcome is found at the O.C. Wellness Center; the place for assisting with our transformation.

Dr. Doug Curtis introduced me to Alphabiotics alignment. He has been in private practice for 10 years in Costa Mesa and in Los Angeles. He does not work on “clients” or on “patients.” Rather, he calls people he treats “participants.” He explains. “I don’t believe that I heal anyone. I put a participant’s body in a favorable state to heal.” 

Alphabiotics is the unique, hands-on method of spinal alignment that works for most people, even for those who have not received relief from neck and back pain and other problems. It instantly unifies the brain hemispheres, balances the energies within the nerve system and muscles, and releases stress held within the mind/body. In this state of alignment, you begin to function better on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, placing you in a more favorable position to heal yourself.” 

“The body is an expression of the mind. Our thoughts and emotions send chemical messages throughout the body. When we are out of balance, our bodies try to compensate, causing re-enforcement of stress patterns. A stressed, outer-reactive mind results in a tense and crooked body. A peaceful, balanced mind reflects a relaxed and symmetrical body.

Alphabiotics allows the body to reorganize and maintain profound balance. While bringing a client into perfect alignment, the alphabiotics practitioner works with the client’s brain stem and entire spine, bringing these into a state of balance and strength. As a result, higher levels of brain function are accessed, both hemispheres of the brain function in harmony and the stress pattern is reversed. The client experiences decompression, relief of tension, creative, focused energy, calmness, clear thinking and relief of mental disorders, such as depression.

My personal experience is that my first encounter was mild and increased my sense of well-being. My second was profound as I felt compression in my lower back relieved after years of discomfort. I am looking forward to my next visit as Dr. Curtis helps me release anything that may be holding me from my intention!

Mary Ann Antenucci, C.S.C., C.H., a Spiritual Counselor, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach has helped me look at my life as a Treasure Map that holds clues to what is holding me back from my full potential, but also clues to my breakthrough! My first session was safe, and affirming. Mary Ann is like finding your new best friend; you know the one you always dreamed of finding. Like a great friend she really listened to me and heard what I said with intelligent compassion that made me feel comfortable enough to expose fears, heartbreaks, loss, and dread.

She has the “Gift” of intuition and logic working together for my good. She recorded our session because I requested it. Next session we will do Hypnotherapy, as I am eager to get to the ‘stuff’ from childhood that may be unknown to my conscious mind. Before I left she gave me Aura Spray (fifth element) to assist me in my quest!

Marianna Skinner, Lic. Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher, is an experience I can only attempt to describe. During my first massage, I blissed out completely as she soothed and nourished my depleted body’s energy. It was very hard to come back to Earth from the Paradise she transported me to! During my second massage, I tried to stay alert so I could give you an accurate account. But again words fail me, a wordsmith!

Her touch is so loving, healing, and intuitive that even she can’t tell you exactly what is happening. It is as if her hands and your body are conversing in a non-verbal way and her hands know exactly where to go, how hard or soft to touch, and she gives Reiki at the same time! WOW! Is all I can say. I feel great for days later! A must try for yourself!

Ginger Lee is the Wellness & Beauty Muse! Ginger invites us into her Garden of Wellness & Beauty where she teaches us how to give ourselves care between spa visits. She gives us “The Map to Personal Health & Happiness In the Palm of Our Hand!”

The “Amazing Guardian AngelTM” Acupressure & Hand Acupuncture ( no needles) gives Knowledge and Tools that create health, based on Korean Hand Therapy. The mysterious “Guardian Angel” is based on Oriental Medicine,” and developed to provide the individual with simple, effective and amazing results, instantly!

Ginger shares her Natural Skin Care from the Rainforest! ‘Nature’s Ultimate Recipe for Youthful, Glowing Skin.’ She has Rainforest Herb products that help us to be youthful and healthy inside the body and out! We leave her Garden looking Radiant & Glowing, Feeling Happy & Healthy!

The Orange County Wellness Center is located at 2488 Newport Blvd., Suite 1-A in Costa Mesa, CA 92627. These are some of the mentors and guides who await you at the Center: Dr. Doug Curtis, (949) 646-4748; Mary Ann Antenucci, (714) 264-8976; Marianna Skinner, (949) 500-9003; and Ginger Lee, (949) 637-2790.

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