Theta Healing
By Regine Vavasseur

“When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking away at the leaves.”

This is just what Theta Healing is all about, digging for the truth that will set you free. To be and to honor your true self. Many people are just unaware and don’t know who they are, so they just get by and play small. Or struggle through life not understanding why they are not living their dream or fulfilling their mission. They take workshops and seminars that will help on a surface level and wonder why nothing has really changed in their lives.

Theta Healing works for people across the board in different fields whether it be for an attorney, actress, gardener or minister. Everyone has issues they are afraid to deal with, so they pat them down internally until it becomes so unbearable that they have to deal with it. Feelings never die, they just lay dormant. Theta Healing can help to purge and restore negative habits and patterns so you return to a healthy balance and get on with your life.

Theta Healing is applied quantum physics where the practitioner enters into the Theta brainwave state that is 4-7 cycles per second when performing the technique.
Part of what the client can expect in a session is that clearings are taking place on four levels:

Core Level — What you were taught in this life and accepted from childhood that has become a part of you.

Genetic Level — Programs that are carried over from ancestors or are added to the genes in this lifetime.

History Level — Past lives or collective-consciousness experiences carried over to the present.

Soul Level — All that you are, your very essence.

Core Belief Work
The practitioner asks questions fed to them by the Creator, and muscle tests for yes or no answers. This is done by asking the client to put together their pointer finger with their thumb and asking the client to hold that position. The client repeats the statement and the practitioner gently pulls the fingers apart, yes would be together and no would be apart. They will naturally stay closed or come apart.

Depending upon the answers and with the client’s permission, the practitioner will clear what might be a vow; issues of trauma, patterns, negative beliefs and programming that are not serving them. The practitioner continues with the process until they get to the core of what the problem or issue is.

This is deep cleansing work where the results are truly transformational. The client comes away feeling a sense of peace or that a burden has been lifted. Additionally, the client will have glowing skin and eyes, which will indicate a shift has taken place.

Imagine what it would be like to be at peace with your self and on purpose with your life! If you can imagine this, you are ready to make changes that will transform your life.
Regine Vavasseur lives in the South Bay and is available for sessions by appointment only at (310) 316-1284. For more information visit

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