The Global Sound Conference
The Power of Sound and Healing
By Alex Theory

It is a known fact that music has a tremendous impact on the psychology and lifestyle of individuals. However, do we really know how deeply it affects us?
Recently, sound has reached a greater level of mainstream acceptance in the fields of science, medicine, and technology due to the success of numerous research studies and clinical applications.

These innovations have helped to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science to create practical and effective solutions to many common issues.
 The upcoming Global Sound Conference is a unique event that will bring together key individuals from the Music, Film and Television industries with pioneers in the areas of Wellness, Sound Healing, and Integrative Medicine, exploring the many ways that sound affects our lives.

Now in its second year, this four-day symposium will take place May 9-12 at the Marina Del Rey Marriot in Marina Del Rey, CA.
Contributing to the event is an amazing lineup of doctors, scientists, musicians, and media visionaries who will address the various components of sound including Health, Science, Entertainment, and Technology.

The goal of this event is to give the audience a more sophisticated understanding of the power of sound, and to discuss the many ways that we can use sound to improve our world.
An hour of guided meditation each morning, led by the worldTHE GLOBALrenowned yoga instructor Shiva Rea, followed by daily exhibits on sound including voice biofeedback machines and vibroacoustic sound tables, the Global Sound Conference has something for everyone.

Participants include luminaries from across a broad range of disciplines including jazz legend Stanley Jordan, psychoacoustic expert and “Through a Dog’s Ear” author Joshua Leeds, top Hollywood sound designer Alan Howarth (The Spiderwick Chronicles) and “The Mozart Effect” author Don Campbell.

Nightly concerts will feature musical superstars Sheila Chandra, Yungchen Lhamo, Rickie Byars Beckwith with the Agape International Choir and many others.

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