Sacred Remembrance
By Stacy Steel

“My passion and dream is to have real peace in my lifetime and in this embodiment.”   
    — Brother Ishmael

Dwelling within you is the spirit of peace and it is always crying for free expression. Peace seems to be elusive because no one has had a clear and workable definition for it. If you cannot see and feel it within, you cannot manifest it without; you cannot give what you do not have.

Definition of Peace
Peace is the identification and free expression of one’s inner divine potentialities.

If you don’t know your full potential and you see someone else living up to theirs, you feel cheated and lost. This causes internal confusion, which gives birth to external confusion and war. Again, if you realize your potential but are not able to express it, you feel hemmed in or chocked; and once again, this gives birth to internal confusion, which results in external confusion and war.

Common knowledge tells us it is fear and anger that makes people hurt and maim others, and develop and manufacture weapons of mass destruction
, even if there is no real threat of war. Fear and anger are symptoms of the sense of loss of uniqueness. So, if we want real and lasting peace, we must address the fundamental causes of fear, anger and the loss of the sense of uniqueness.

Here is a scenario that illustrates some of the common, yet mostly unknown factors that destroy our sense of uniqueness from a very young age. When a two-year-old child comes up to you in your shoes or dress, most parents mistakenly tell them how cute they look in their parents’ items. But in doing so, what they don’t realize is they have destroyed the child’s sense of uniqueness.

When a child takes on the belief that he or she gets recognition, or is somehow viewed as better by being like mommy or daddy, they stop striving to be themselves. When this occurs, the child loses their hope for peace forever.

Humanity is one being, and we all long to feel connected to each other. We want to feel like we belong, and are noticed in our communities and families. When a child gains the attention of their parents or adults by stepping into their “shoes,” it reinforces the child’s belief that he has to be somebody else to be seen or noticed. In that moment the child negates his or her own identity in preference for someone else. We call this second image or the practice of spiritual suicide. To feel accepted, the child wants to be somebody else; he grows comparing himself with others as a means of evaluating himself.

Consequently, fear and anger set in along with a sense of inadequacy.

Check your life and you will see areas where you have been trying to be like somebody else, and your desires are based on what you perceive other people may consider as appropriate. Lost to yourself, you are dissatisfied, afraid and angry.

Peace treaties signed by our world leaders who are filled with fear and anger are nothing but signed time bombs, which will eventually explode. Our energy and efforts would be better used to study the fundamental causes of fear and anger and how to eliminate them.

Here is a positive solution to the common child-growth issue we just discussed.

When a child walks up to you wearing your dress, ask him or her to bring their own dress and to put it on for you. Then affirm, “You are beautiful and wonderful in your dress.” The child realizes that he or she is appreciated for who they are. Never say, “Your dress is beautiful.” Such will make the child put value on their possessions rather than themselves. Instead say, “You are beautiful in your dress.” It is the child who is beautiful, not the dress. Simple as this is, you can imagine the difference this would make if known and practiced by mankind.
Through prayer and meditation, I have discovered this and many more practices, for a life of proactive peace.

To make peace happen, I have developed simple spiritual and social tools that may be used to bring you into harmony with yourself and life... Tools that work in harmony with Nature. These include:

1. Path of Pure Potential (PPP) — shows you how to connect with Nature and discover your divine potentialities. With that, peace is possible.

2. Growing the Empowered Child — is one of the programs that helps children grow without fear and anger and restores them to their sense of uniqueness.

3. The Marriage Enterprise — gives couples the tools necessary to have purpose-driven, successful marriages. We learn finance, business management and accounting so we can have great and successful businesses. We have purpose statements for our business. But when it comes to marriage, a union that raises human families and communities, most people have received little if any training on how to succeed.

4. Sacred Divorce — cleanses you from past relationships and assists in discovering the gifts of each relationship in your life. It is a necessary program for people who want to enter into marriage, or those currently in marriages or committed relationships who want to deepen them. It is also excellent for those individuals wishing to attract the right relationship into their life.
With these programs, peace is possible. Please take a stand with me by affirming: “Peace is possible in my lifetime!”

Peace must always start with the individual. A drop of water from the ocean is the entire ocean. That drop of water can choose to remain a drop of water, reduce itself into a molecule of water, or expand itself to become a wave, a typhoon in the ocean, or become the entire ocean itself; a drop of water can see its connectedness with the entire ocean and thereby have a real sense of being.

When you consider the vastness of the universe made up of our planet and other planets in the Solar System, stars that constitute the Milky Way, and billions of discovered and undiscovered galaxies, how significant are you?

Your significance in the universe depends on your connectedness with every other part of the universe. Whether you realize it or not, you are connected to everyone and everything.

The time comes that we call death, when you will realize that nothing in the world is yours except what you are. What are you? When that time comes, you will realize your parents and children, friends and lovers, wealth and properties, and even the beautiful body you are wearing, is not yours. What are you? All you have (knowledge, wealth, properties, friends, connections) is to be used to expand what you are.

A Journey into Enlightenment
Now I’ll take you into a master program that connects you to the goodness of the universe. I call it Sacred Remembrance.

Sacred Remembrance enables you to discover what you are and links you with the goodness of the whole world.

Sacred as defined by The Merriam Webster dictionary says — dedicated or set apart for worship or service of a deity;entitled to reverence or respect.

Remembrance is an act of recalling to mind something of value.

Sacred Remembrance restores you to the value of your True Self which you have ignored for so long. There is a Self, the true part of you that deserves absolute reverence.

All through life you are consciously or unconsciously being programmed to look down on yourself. You are programmed to focus on little wrongs you do and use those to describe and label yourself. As we discussed earlier, such internal and external descriptions are met with resistance.

Your image of perfection will not accept anything short of divinity or perfection. This results in internal confusion within yourself. You live your whole life fighting to be good or to be seen as good when in essence, you are a fountain of goodness.

Sacred Remembrance will bring you to this remembrance. When you are good, and you know that you know you are good; you will not fight for your good to be recognized or appreciated. The awareness of the good that is you is its own satisfaction. The sun does not cry out that it is bright, it just shines.

Fully conscious of the good that you are, you just radiate it. All evil, all internal and external fights will cease when you wake up to the magnificent good that you are. You are goodness itself and instead of being that, you are fighting for that good to be seen and there lies the confusion and disease of humanity.

Sacred remembrance is a journey into your magnificent good. It is a gift to yourself as well as the planet. It involves a recall of the good you have done and been, that reached out to more than the initial recipient, rippling through that individual to several other beings. The multiplying effect of each act of good continues through your lifetime and beyond, and this enlarges what and who you are.

For instance, if that good involves saving someone’s life, every moment that person lives is an expression of gratitude to your single act, and if such a person bears a child or does good for somebody else, you continue to realize the effect of your good through the child and the people who have benefited from him and this continues ad infinitum.

Sacred Remembrance is simply recalling the good you are until you come to the truth that you are a fountain of goodness. Run your own citations (feel what that feels like), read your own testimonies and tributes of the good that you are (feel what that feels like). Really know this as the truth of who you are.

If you can count these blessings that reach you and bring to mind your moments of reaching out to life, you will become conscious of how rich and magnificent you are. Cosmic good journeys through time, energy, space and circumstance to reach you; and your single act of good has a rippling effect on life. Allow yourself to step into cosmic experience and awareness. As the first recipient of the good you send out to the world, your life becomes a living blessing and a miracle.

Brother Ishmael Tetteh is a Great Spiritual Master from Ghana, West Africa. His international presence and message of World Peace has empowered lives all over the globe for the past 30 years. His teachings come from the very heart of Mother Nature and are a modern reflection of the ancient, sacred teachings of the shamans and mystics of Africa.

Brother Ishmael will be visiting Southern California for only a short time, so please contact Conscious Humanity, a 501c3 for additional information. Visit: or call (760) 633-1033.

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