Surviving in the Modern World
By Chitra Gunderson

“In the remote Rainforest village of Porveneer, Peru, a community of 120 people lives in harmony together. Children and adults experience life relatively disease-free and with vitality rarely seen in the rest of the world. Their loving interactions reflect a personal balance that the modern world struggles with,” says John Easterling, Amazon Explorer and CEO of the Amazon Herb Company.

While indigenous communities in the Amazon exchange quality relationships, our “modern” world is rampant with conflict, divorce, rivalries and jealousy. What is the difference?  After all we live in an affluent society and for the most part have everything we need. Yet, masses of people experience degenerative disease, physical pain, obesity, weakened immune systems and low vitality as the norm rather than the exception. As a result many of our relationships suffer.

Taking a closer look at the cause of our health and relationship problems, science acknowledges that depression, anxiety, anger and lack of passion result, in part, from poor nutrition. In addition, weakened liver function, candida, poor digestion/assimilation, toxicity, weight gain, fatigue and lack of minerals have all been linked to emotional/mental imbalance.

According to Stephan Schug, MD, chronic pain interferes with a wide range of activities of daily living including the ability to cope, overall mood, the ability to sleep, and general enjoyment of life. All of which interfere with socializing, exercising and basically all of our relationships.

Rollin Gallagher, MD, MPH confirms, “Pain interferes with your social relationships, which is one of the reasons pain can trigger depression.”
The bottom line… we’ve lost our connection to whole, wild foods and the wisdom of the environment from where they have come. Wild healing herbs like those from the Amazon Rainforest, have the answers to addressing nutritional deficiencies that rob us of health and relationships.

John Easterling explains, “In the Amazon Rainforest, I have learned many lessons from the plants and the Indigenous People living there. I have seen the power of synergistic, mutually-beneficial relationships: their relationships with one another, their relationship to the earth, and their relationship to the plants of the Rainforest.

Wild Rainforest plants have grown in virgin soil composting for millennia, free from mechanical disruption, chemicals and pesticides. Strengthening themselves through the process of evolution, they provide unique phyto-nutrition not present in our “domesticated,” commercially-grown foods. Our bodies require this “wild nutrition” to restore our optimal health and restore our relationships.”

My personal experience using rainforest herbs has always been good, but a life-changing event happened when I pulled a heavy suitcase from the back seat of my car — I felt something pull in my shoulder.

That night I woke up with my right shoulder in extreme pain. I tried different positions and ibuprofen — nothing relieved it. I couldn’t use my right arm at all. I was in too much pain, totally out of commission for driving, getting dressed, eating.

The next day a doctor’s examination and x-rays revealed the diagnosis as calcified tendonitis and a torn rotator cuff. The gloomy prognosis to regain the function of my shoulder: 2-3 months of physical therapy 3 times a week, surgery, and another 9-12 months of physical therapy.

Never having undergone the knife, I wasn’t about to surrender to it without trying every possible alternative means. So, I started taking large doses of the Amazon Herb Formula, Recovazon™, at least 8-10 concentrated liquid capsules per day.

The results came quickly. Within four days after my visit to the doctor I had 80% range of motion back in my shoulder. Upon my first visit to the physical therapist (a week after the doctor’s visit) I was able to do most all of the exercises without pain. She said amazed, “According to your chart, you shouldn’t be able to move your shoulder. What you are doing?”  After I explained about Rainforest Herbs, she said, “Keep it up, and come back in 2 weeks.”

Two weeks later, when I returned for the physical therapy appointment, she gave me a few more exercises and discharged me saying, “You don’t need me. Continue what you are doing.”
I kept taking Recovazon™ for 6 weeks, then reduced the amount gradually to make sure my shoulder had fully recovered. Though the doctor did not believe anything natural would work and assured me it would return, I’ve never had another problem with my shoulder.”

Why did Recovazon™ work so quickly? Manaca, Iporuru and Tayuya, the main ingredients in Recovazon™ formula, form a powerful combination to aid in recovery from injury by supporting muscles, relieving pain, and improving range of motion.

For instance, Manaca, is a blood purifier and stimulates the lymphatic system, normalizing inflammation. Iporuru, my favorite, is known as a wine for aching muscles, and has been used indigenously to sooth aching joints and improve flexibility in movement and range of motion.

Last but not least, Tayuya, has been used in Brazil to reduce pain and swelling, regulate metabolism, relieve emotional fatigue and the “blues” and help remove lactic acid build-up. Therefore, we are seeing an increasing number of athletes using Recovazon™ formula to support muscle and joint structure and speed recovery.

The Indigenous people of the Amazon have lived in harmony with one another, with the forest, and with the earth for a long, long time. We can learn from them about their relationships with one another, their relationship to the earth, and their relationship to the plants of the Rainforest. Special blends of exotic Rainforest herbs can feed our bodies to assist in the fight against candida — as well as bacteria, viruses and other fungus.

When our bodies free themselves of these toxic sources, immune disrupters, and pain, our moods and relationships can change for the better. People can and do experience a new level of health and life experience using wild, rainforest plants. With health restored and emotions in balance, relationships are renewed.

To learn more about Recovazon and other Amazon Herb formulas call (888) 310-2570 or visit To receive a customized sample package ($15 value), send a $10 money order along with your name, address and phone number to Rainforest Canopy, PO Box 712, Silver Spring, MD  20918.

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