A Transformational Tool for Our Evolving Times
By Eleonore Koury

Reiki’s natural ability to heal has been part of our world for thousands of years. This simple method of healing is essential for our times. Reiki complements all spiritual and meditation practices. It is gentle, calming and practical. All it requires is your intent.

Reiki is a simple laying-on-of hands technique that can also be used to clear and empower a place, harmonize relationships and group interactions, and can be sent to the past and into the future.
Reiki was rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui on a 21-day spiritual quest. On his quest Dr. Usui received the gift of Reiki, connecting him to a higher vibration of healing energy. Unlike his experience with previous meditation and healing practices, this form of healing required little effort on his part, as it flowed freely through him, his aura, hands, and eyes.

The term “Reiki” can be translated to mean Universal Life Force Energy (Rei, meaning universal, higher power, spiritual, and Ki, meaning Life Force). This energy supports and heals the emotional, mental and physical body.  Since its inception, Reiki has been used to heal countless ailments.

In learning about Reiki, it is best to first learn about our energy system, also known as our etheric body. We are often ignorant of what our etheric body consists of and how to care for it. Today, as we evolve and expand as a human race, having a basic understanding of our energy body can be as essential as learning our ABC’s in kindergarten.

What is the Energy Body?
We are basically made up of energy. In actuality when we first form as fetuses, we are simply a thread of light, our spine and nervous system. Our physical form is created around this thread of light. Hence our organs, tissue, muscles, bones, etc. are an extension of this ray of light, also known as our life-force energy, our “chi” (ki).

All things that are alive inhabit chi. Chi runs through our physical body in rivers of energy called meridians. Meridian lines cross through our organs and bring nourishment to our organs, increasing health and vitality.

Extending outside our physical body is a field of energy known as our aura. Our aura consists of several layers and reflects our thoughts and emotions. We also consist of seven major chakras that are circular in motion, take the shape of an orb, and correspond with the 7 major colors. Each chakra is connected to various organs and aspects of our glandular system, and flow into each other extending outward, around our body.

When stress, trauma, negative thoughts/emotions, and destructive patterns arise, blockages are created in our rivers of energy. Our blockages create a dam in the flow of our energy channels, causing a back up. As the dam thickens, it eventually begins to short-circuit the flow of energy to our chakras and our meridians, leading to blockages in our organs. It is these blockages of our natural flow of energy that lead to illness/disease. The longer the blockage is left unaided, unprocessed or untreated, the deeper the illness.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is spiritually-guided life-force energy that restores the natural flow of the energy body and health to the physical body. It clears blockages and allows the body to do its own healing. Reiki is guided by a higher source.

The practitioner is merely allowing this healing energy/frequency to flow through them. The higher vibration and frequency of Reiki comes through the practitioner’s hands, aura, eyes according to the highest good. The amazing part of Reiki is that it not only provides temporary healing, it also brings insight on behavioral changes needed to maintain health and wholeness. It is a teacher that keeps on healing.

When Reiki is applied it helps to clear stagnation in the natural flow of each chakra, replacing stagnation with higher-frequency chi (life-force energy). Reiki heals on all levels — the aura, meridians, chakras and our seven bodies. Healing occurs on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric, astral, and causal level.

Each healing session is unique and individual. Some people have profound experiences in their first session, experiencing a deep healing immediately; others take several sessions to allow deep-seated layers of imbalance to restore and resume balance on all levels. The result and timing of healing varies from individual to individual and is between Reiki and the individual.

How Is Reiki Learned?
There are many forms of energy healing, each using an individual technique. Some forms require generating energy. Reiki is unique in that the generated energy does not come from the practitioner, but rather from a spiritual energy source. Once attuned to Reiki, the practitioner merely intends that Reiki flow. With this intention, the energy flows through the practitioner in the highest good needed.

Since it is not generated and is not coming from the practitioner, Reiki provides dual healing – to the recipient and practitioner at the same time. Working with Reiki and sharing it with others benefits the practitioner’s spiritual, mental, and emotional well being, not to mention their physical health.

In addition Reiki does not require that the practitioner be perfectly pure and enlightened in order to do its healing work. Reiki will heal whether the practitioner is a clear channel or the practitioner is filled with thoughts or illness themselves. We are all somewhere on the healing continuum, which is what makes Reiki an invaluable healing modality for all.

Reiki is not learned in the traditional manner, and is not a technique that is learned and followed. Rather, Reiki is passed on from teacher to practitioner through an attunement process. When an individual is attuned to Reiki, their energy channels are cleared and opened up in order to allow Reiki to flow through them directly. In a way, the attunement process is akin to having a light switch turned on. Attunement to the Reiki energy can accelerate the individual’s spiritual evolution and physical, mental, emotional wellness. Receiving a Reiki session can be a beautiful, gentle and powerful experience. Becoming attuned to Reiki can be a life-changing journey. Reiki can be a tangible experience of a Higher Presence, allowing us to experience Its grace, compassion, love, light and healing capacity. Reiki is with us now, as it has been for thousands of years, to assist us in healing our planet and evolving as a human race.

Eleonore Koury is a Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Spiritual and Life Guide, and Visionary. For info on Reiki Therapy, Reiki Training, Retreats, and Meditation Gatherings go to  or call (310) 462-4114.

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