Orange Colored Poetry
By Clara Hembree

I’d like to share some words with you.  As Robert Service once wrote “I am no wordsmith dripping gems divine into the chalice of a sonnet.” But it seems as though sometimes little streams open up now and then. When this happens I always pray I’m near a pen and paper. Special phrases usually fly by and hover over me as I’m just about to fall asleep and it takes everything in me to get up with dreary eyes and search through my dark desk for a clean sheet to write on. I’m always grateful the next day when I read it and it makes sense. I hope you’ll find something here that will ring true for you too.

Just Passing Through
All he wanted to be
Climbing up a tree to see
When all he had to do was fall
In Love

They will grow gray
Asking what they said today
But you and me will be
In Love

Freedom mother me
Freedom smother me

And if all is lost on my
Search for truth then
So be it ‘cause I’ll be
In Love

Because I want nothing else
But God itself
All of this and living
In Love

Freedom’s no luxury
Freedom’s necessity
They think we don’t need
Can’t you see?

This poem was made into a song as well, with the help of Craig Camp and our music project “The Maheekats.”  If you’d like to hear more, please visit our website at and be friends with us on myspace at

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