Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young

By Jesse Anson Dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 63), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:
“How does culture and language affect how we feel and age?

Dear Readers,
To effectively answer this important question, I’ll first emphasize that magazines tend to reflect a “culture” that is generally IMPOSED upon us. But thankfully, there is Awareness Magazine, a rare, valuable and evolutionary document which, instead of merely making bad news digestible, or sugar-coating “cultural” mistakes and false perceptions, it has long had a mission of TRUTH and BETTERMENT, telling it like it IS.

And to (truthfully and realistically) answer the question above, I must consider the “culture” I was born into, the world of the 1940’s... a world burning amid the horrible specter of a planet at war, a planet exposed to the atomic bomb, nuclear holocaust, a multitude of military invasions and counter-invasions, along with “concentration camps” expanding internationally from Germany to France to Poland to Norway to America to New Zealand...

And then came the decomposing, frightened conformity of the 1950’s, and another war, the U.S. military invasion of Korea, a world where, during my elementary school days in Pennsylvania
, we were directed to hide under our schoolroom desks amid “air raid drills” to “protect” us from foreign (perhaps retaliatory) air-strikes... a “culture” amid which “air raid shelters” were the new rage, a “culture” urged to “praise ‘God’ and pass  the ammunition”... a “culture” where “proper style” was to “middle-age” my hair with a uniformed “crew cut.” (But now I just let my hair grow naturally, like the leaves of a tree — as in the accurate photo above — the real me at 63).

But unfortunately, in 1965, I was “crew-cutted” by a soldier-making “culture” that drafted (shafted) me into the army, bolstering the U.S. military invasion of Vietnam. Did I want to go? Hell no! But it was either that or go to jail as a “draft dodger.”

And at a mere 20 years “old” I wasn’t yet educated enough for an expatriated “culture”- dodge into hiding. So off to war I went, soon to get old VERY FAST as a “scumbag infantryman” in poor, demolished Vietnam. A country where MILLIONS of their civilians were killed by the decade of ceaseless U.S. bombing of that entire nation, where more bombs were dropped on Vietnam than in ALL of World War II and the Korean War combined.

But amazingly I survived, completing my (naive draftee) term of “service” in 1967. And then home again, at last, thankful that a New Youth Culture was emerging, a time of massive rebellion against the gray and uniformed, deadly-dying “Culture” of the “media.”

Indeed, the New Consciousness, Anti-Aging Revolution of the 1960’s came at an ideal time for me, so traumatized in Vietnam that I dreaded looking at my terror-stricken, severely-aged face in the mirror. Thus I was spurred to begin my Personal-UNIVERSAL Revolution, vowing to spend the rest of this life finding TRULY effective ways to heal the afflictions and falsehoods that trigger rapid mind-body decay and depression.

As I began to study the connections between “culture,” violence, stress, language and aging, I saw these factors deeply embedded into so-called “normality.” All amid a culture where people “normally” ask each other how “old” they are, or how is their “old man?” or “old lady?”

All amid the constant programming of violence on TV and movie screens, a “culture” of idolizing “stars” continually portrayed as thieves and cold-blooded killers... a “culture” where “Da bomb” is a popular expression for something “great!” — or how to make a touchdown!” — where supposedly we “dress to kill” — and investors “make a killing” in the market... where “Smart” Bombs  (which are actually deaf-dumb-blind and stupid) supposedly “win” wars... amid a “culture” where all the bomb-gun-killer feeding is portrayed as merely “info” or “entertainment”...

But is “culture”-accelerated mind-body decay really “entertainment” — or is it a tragic sickness?

To me it’s the latter, which is why I write and sing about:

Out of WARS of “RACE”
to find my TRUE place —
for when you “RACE”
You race toward dying,
And about that trap
I can’t be lying,
For “news” or pop-“culture”
Doesn’t help us to feel
The WARping of our senses,
Or how the mind-body HEALS,
But IN me I FEEL it ALL,
INNER VOICES that call,
SPIRITS BIGGER than mountains
Raining TRUTH like fountains
Like rainbows that run,
From the sky to my head,
That may NEVER be dead,
As I feel the TOTALITY
Not brainwashed by brutality,
But enlightened by VERACITY,
And do you really, truly FEEL
Do you FEEL what I SEE?

Jesse is presently on a sabbatical in the Philippines, thus he is not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia (to answer any questions about true rejuvenation) by emailing

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