My Journey with St. Germain
By Molly Rowland

I began the journey of being a channel for the Council of Light in Billings, Mt. in 1975. One afternoon I sat down to read “St. Germain on Alchemy” by Mark Prophet, and St. Germain came to me in a vision that altered my life forever.
He told me that I had made a soul agreement to be a channel of the Council of Light. At that time he called it the White Brotherhood. Over the years he has changed the name because brotherhood apparently excludes women, and white has been interpreted by some as a racial exclusion. He has always said that none are excluded except by their own belief.

Over the last twenty-one years my agreement has taken me from coast to coast of this amazing country and a year in British Columbia. I have met people from all walks of life and have clients all over the world.

This journey has taken me through a diagnosis of cancer in 2006 and subsequent recovery in 2007, using only wholistic healing techniques. When I received my diagnosis I was given the insight, that if I wanted to get well, I would absolutely have to love my cancer.

Blessed with an amazing life, I have had a chance to live the Magik St. Germain talks about. There are those who would say this is because I am the channel, but St. Germain has made it abundantly clear that we all have a right to choose the life we live. We can catch the wave of new understanding that is being revealed to us, or we can choose to be victims.

I have had the opportunity to observe what people do with the information given to them over the years, and I am often amazed at what they believe they heard St. Germain say. I know that St. Germain offers encouragement, enlightenment and hope to everyone. We all see and hear through the current filters we are using.

St. Germain uses the energy patterns of each individual to assist them in moving out of old limitations. This can be disturbing, frightening and frustrating because we create stressful comfort in our ruts.
This has been an awesome thing to watch as he directs lives without ever saying “should, outta, gotta, musta, can’t, won’t or don’t.” He laughs and says this is the ego’s litany of lack.

As paradigms of the planet are changing, St. Germain says we are being moved toward a future that has no reference to the past. I certainly get glimpses of what it will be like to create a life without the judgments of sin, guilt and fear that our past has held for us.

Born and raised in Texas, I was seven years old when my family moved to Colorado, but my soul knew that someday I would live in the west. I now reside in Wyoming, and feel at home in the energy of the Windriver Mountains that can be seen from my front windows. I am cradled by the beautiful red rocks around me and the creek that runs below my home.

Looking back over the years, I see how each difficulty has really been a stepping stone to higher perspective. The most challenging people in my life have been mirrors of wounds I needed to heal. I am thankful each day for the opportunity to be part of something so big that I cannot see it, but feel the scope of it in my center. I look forward to the next adventure as each day seems to bring something new.

I am delighted to come to California and bring the wisdom of St. Germain as he speaks through me. He draws pictures of the Magik of ancient times and brings it to present times. He says the old ways are passing so that we may remember the ancient ways when we were totally at one with everything.

Our evening with St. Germain “Can you Hear the Colors and See the Sounds of Magik?” on June 6th is an introduction to the two-day intensive on “Practical Magik: the Blending of Earth and the Wonder Realms” on June 7th-8th. You may attend the evening without coming to the intensive.

St. Germain has named 2008 the year of Evolutionary Revelation, and with a quarter of the year passed I have certainly been able to understand what he meant by the name. Things we don’t want anyone to know are being revealed because there really isn’t anything anyone has ever done that everyone hasn’t already done at some time in their life. Letting go of this tool of separation will free us all to see ourselves more as Masters and less as worthless.

Molly Rowland is a channel for St. Germain. Call (307) 335-8113, email or visit 

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