My Business Pilgrimage
By Lisa Cherney

Last week I spent five days in one of the most beautiful places on earth doing work that I love, giving business owners enlightened marketing tools so they can touch more lives with their gifts. Then why did I waste untold energy worrying about the trip? Why on earth was I so darn nervous? Why did it feel like I lost faith in myself? After all, I’m the one who planned the trip, who felt I should book (and pre-pay for) space to host my first out-of-state Conscious Marketing Workshop. It was my intuition that got me here, so why instead did it feel like my mean boss was sending me on a trip to nowhere wasting my time and energy?

Why Am I Here?
These are all good questions. Questions I asked myself on the two-hour drive back to the airport from Sedona when the trip was over. Leading up to my departure, when I was working on employing all the visualization and positive intentioning techniques I could muster to shift my attitude, I saw my drive back and felt what I wanted to feel: satisfied, excited, abundant and in awe of the miracles I experienced.

This is what I felt… but not before expending too much energy on questioning why I was going in the first place. I kept saying to myself, as I drove two hours in the dark early morning hours to my first gig at 5am (five days before), “Why am I here?”  

You see, I was confused about the reason for my trip because it appeared as though I would not be making much money. Without profit, why else would I come all this way? In fact, of the two speaking gigs booked at local organizations, one nearly got cancelled and the other had only two sign ups as of a few weeks ago. 

As for my own workshop… not even one sign-up. In nine years of offering this program, I had never experienced this before. In fact, it has always been easy to attract business owners who crave my unique approach. It sure felt like the Universe was sending me a message (and an opportunity for growth). When I stopped kicking and screaming, I decided to show up for this current lesson and see what I would learn.

Worry Is A Waste
So, during a much-needed post-meltdown bath, a couple weeks before I left, I decided that my business trip was now a pilgrimage. If it is a pilgrimage, I am just supposed to go where I am guided to go and be of service, right? Almost like I was on a treasure hunt, follow the signs, look for the synchronicities and stay in the flow. I no longer needed to focus on money! What a relief.

In fact, this was a great opportunity to affirm my new focus on being in the moment and staying out of my head (a.k.a. the ego mind). A place I was trapped in prior to the trip. The money I invested in travel expenses was now an investment in my spiritual evolution. (And gosh darn it, it better be profound!)

My pilgrimage started with me dropping my car in the long-term lot at John Wayne Airport
. A nice gentleman driver picked up both my heavy bags for me and put them on the shuttle. This may not seem like a big deal but it is one of the many things I allowed my mind to worry about. Already I was seeing what a waste the worrying had been.

Within minutes of the short ride to the terminal, the man sitting across the bus from me began to talk on the phone and said, “Can you call me back later when I have a pen to write that down.” I instantly reached into my purse to get my pen and handed it to him. He gratefully took it and was able to capture the info he needed.

Right then and there my pilgrimage had begun. I helped someone. Who was going to be next? I thought it might be the mom running with her infant to the ladies room, but she declined. However, soon I was helping a gal lift her bag to the overhead bin and offering the young man next to me some gum so his ears would pop. I could really get into this pilgrimage thing. Is this what it is like for monks, nuns and guardian angels? 

Soon the stakes got a bit higher. I stayed the first night with my mom’s cousin in Scottsdale and had a wonderful time. We talked about what it was like for her to face life when her ex-husband was killed 20 years ago, and life as a single mom with two small children. What a story! Just being with her felt perfect; another chapter of my pilgrimage mission was realized. We were both blessed by the time together.

Going with the Flow
Then I was off to Sedona and that early morning drive to the Red Rock Country. I arrived in perfect time for the 7:15 a.m. networking meeting. Soon the meeting was a buzz and I had another hint as to why I was there. The group was grateful for their out-of-town speaker and the program I taught, “How to Attract Your Ideal Clients” was a hit. At the end a young man signed up for the Conscious Marketing Workshop. 

Here’s the catch, I did not know if there was actually going to BE a workshop (he was the first sign-up after several weeks of emails, flyers and calls to everyone I knew in AZ), but I was just going with the flow. He was grateful for the support (he is expecting his first child in a few months, paying everyone but himself, overwhelmed and needed more business). Sure felt like he was a prime candidate for my pilgrimage.

Now I had the afternoon to myself in this amazing town. I decided to get into my car and see where it would take me. This is quite fun if you ever want to go on an adventure and practice following your intuition. I drove to the Airport Mesa Vortex (everything they say about the energy of Sedona is true), meditated a bit and took in the view.

Then I felt like I was supposed to go The Sedona Creative Life Center (, the location of my workshop in a few days (maybe). I had a great meeting with Nancy, the Director, who I had never met. By the way, I found the Center when I was in Sedona a few months before and attended a meditation workshop there at the last minute during one of my free evenings. Shortly after that trip, I was guided to call the Center to inquire about renting a meeting room (just out of curiosity). Before I knew it I had booked my first ever out-of-state workshop. I even wound up in the very room that hosted the mediation program I had attended.

True to pilgrimage fashion, things DID fall in place for the workshop after all. After my second speaking program (with about 20 attendees) I had three very excited ladies. Then one of the ladies, a website designer, recommended the program to a new client. It felt good to do the workshop again; it had been nearly three years. I remembered what a POWERFUL program it is.

I marvel when I look back at how it got started. I wanted to create a process for small business owners to find their own marketing words, to own what makes them great and guide them on must-have content for their marketing. The process takes them out of their head (and ego) and into their heart where the perfect words are uncovered. It’s like the words are dormant waiting to be awakened.
It started in the living room of my friend’s home eight years ago. I have since created an audio version that goes with the workbook and have sold it to people all over the world.

Be Present and Be Transformed
The question of, “Why am I here?” was answered for sure. However, the answer had many more parts than I thought. I thought it was just to make money. But when that looked like it wasn’t going to happen, I made peace with the travel costs I invested. I made peace with the money spent to rent space for my workshop (on the guidance of my trusty intuition). I made peace with the time away from my family and all the people that would be pitching in to care for my daughter while I was away. I made peace with the time out of the office and the loss of “productive” hours. Essentially, I quieted the negative voice in my head and decided it was simply a pilgrimage. Because what I knew for sure was that I was supposed to go.

So, I went. And I returned having made several thousand dollars, improved the business lives of nearly 50 people, created opportunities for two other programs (already booked), several promising alliance connections as well as manifesting a half-day at a spa for free and taking a transformational ah-ha producing hike to a breathtaking energy vortex with my best friend… all in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I practiced just being present and staying in each moment so I would know how to serve it best. Thank you intuition, I promise to trust you more next time from the first inspiration to the last pass through airport security.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Master Marketing Consultant and Founder of Conscious Marketing™. For more info on her coaching and workshops (Balancing Head & Heart in Business and Find the Perfect Words to Attract Your Ideal Clients) visit or call (888) 771-0156.

© 2008 Lisa Cherney

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