It’s Time to Take Your Life into Your Own Hands
(Excerpted from “Your Destiny Switch”)
By Peggy McColl

“For most of my early years, I was living in a prison and I didn’t know it. When I think about the girl I was and who I am today, it is as if they are completely different people.
It took many years, a lot of pain, and four epiphanies for me to make the journey from a confused, unhappy teen to a self-assured, contented woman in charge of her emotions and her destiny.

Today I am a consultant and what I call a Goal-Achieving Mentor, inspiring individuals, professional athletes, and organizations to connect to their passion, create goals, and reach their maximum potential.
I have been doing this work for 25 years, and the insights and skills I have acquired have allowed me to assist hundreds of people in creating the lives they want to live.

But I wasn’t always enthusiastic, optimistic, and at peace with myself. As a teenager and young adult, I was living in a prison of negativity and had no idea that the key to escaping it was to harness the power of my emotions and use it to create the life I wanted for myself.

Over time, I discovered that as overwhelming as emotions may seem, we have the power to manage them, and create our own destiny.
I realized that it is as if we each have a Destiny Switch, a board of dimmer switches, each of which controls an emotional pairing — such as happiness versus sadness — and we have the ability to move those levers up and down, creating or enhancing positive feelings and turning down the volume on negative, destructive ones.

However, like many people, I started out thinking my emotions were controlled by people and situations outside of myself. I needed to discover my power and learn how to use it.”
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