Creating An Intuitive Relationship
By Wendy Sinclair

Relationships are a wonderful part of being human. We nurture and treasure them. We desire to love and be loved. In the beginning of a new romance we always put our best foot forward hoping for acceptance. Perhaps in the mist of being blinded by love, we are so busy craving acceptance from the other person, we are truly not listening to what they are actually telling us in return.
Hmmm….. One would wonder if we had actually listened, if things would have turned out differently. Perhaps we listen but truly do not hear. Imagine the heartache we could we have saved ourselves if we had listened.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I should have known” or “I knew that, but I just did not listen”? So often people don’t pay attention to their own intuition yet they “wish they had known.”  When we stop and think about it, many times we probably had some idea about the situation before it happened. We see the clarity after all the clues have fallen into place. But what about clues we received when the relationship was new?

They are often called the Red Flags of a relationship. The red flags are waving yet we don’t think it is relevant at the time. If we think about it, people will tell us what they are really about without even asking. The key is paying attention and making sure that we want to stick around for a long-term situation even after knowing the facts.

If we don’t pay attention to the clues that are in front of us, how can we expect to hone in on our own intuition when it tries to tell us something? So often we dismiss that little voice inside of us, nudging us to go in the right direction, to do the right thing.

The word intuition comes from a Latin word meaning to consider, to look on. This intuitive “look on” implies something deeper than simple perception and is best described as apperception, the ability to “take hold of” knowledge in one glance. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary sums up intuition as “the immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning; instantaneous apperception.” Simply stated, intuition is direct knowledge.

By increasing your intuition you are allowing not only  your relationships, but every aspect of your life to be enhanced. Being in touch with your intuition, your good judgment expands, as well as  your inner wisdom. It will allow you to listen better, closing the communication gaps that so often occur when a relationship becomes stressed.

The true power of intuition manifests when we learn to use it to guide our moment-to-moment decisions and actions and to move more effectively through our day-to-day life.
So what is the first thing you do to enhance your intuition? Learn to trust your emotions. An emotion that feels good, such as excitement or passion for life, tells you you’re on the right path. An emotion that feels bad, such as guilt or fear, is telling you that you are going the wrong way. It’s that simple, but only if you train your intuition. Otherwise you can find yourself with mixed emotions and  unable to make a concrete decision.

There are exercises and meditations that can enhance your intuition. When you are doing the intuition exercises allow yourself to be wrong. One of the fastest ways to deepen your intuition is the willingness to be wrong, otherwise it stops that intuitive flow.

One of the ways to increase your intuition is by exercising the sixth chakra. Chakras are broken down into seven spiritual energies of the human body. The sixth chakra is the color of indigo and located between the eyebrows just above the bridge of the nose. This chakra is responsible for enhancing your intuition and higher consciousness.

Once you have picked a place in your  home where you will be meditating and using the intuition exercises, you may find it soothing to eliminate negative energy by lighting a white candle surrounded by sea salt. Allow the candle to burn down completely.

Denise Linn, a soul coach,  recently did an advanced series of exercises on all seven chakras on Hayhouse Radio. The wonderful exercise of the Sixth Chakra — The Brow,  allows you to work on your intuition. You can find this exercise on the Hayhouse website and download this portion of the chakra series for free. This is a wonderful repetitive exercise that allows you to heal facets  of relationships. By repeating the sixth chakra exercise you will begin to see a noticeable change in your development of intuition over the next few weeks and months. You will start to know which relationships to draw close to you and which ones to keep at a distance.

Wendy Sinclair is an on-air personality in Los Angeles
and has been in radio for 12 years. She has a new-found inspiration to write about her spiritual awakening and share the joy it ads to this journey we call life. Still searching for her purpose, she enjoys the challenges along the way, and hopes to inspire as well as be inspired.

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