By Ron Troutman and Jon Tompkins
Imagine hearing the words that you felt you deserved, or wished to hear, accompanied by thousands of people cheering you, just for being you? Play this CD and you will feel empowered instantly! That is what this short but mighty CD promises with its well-written and positive affirmations.

There is something on this CD that can be applied to everyone. Messages include: You Can Accomplish Whatever Your Heart Desires; We Believe in You; Great Job; Thank You; Success Is Yours, We Celebrate You; It’s Your Turn; Hooray for You!

Choose an appropriate message for a party, a graduation, a guest of honor, a promotion, or just a wonderful way to say “Thanks.” Play it for yourself, just for the morale boost, motivation and smiles. Inspire a classroom or a struggling student.

Use a cheer to fit your special occasion. A happy male voice effectively delivers the pep talks. Creator Ron Troutman recommends frequent listening to see what happens.
Featured twice on the
Ellen DeGeneres TV show, this CD would make a novel gift and is ideal to hear after a hard day. The packaging cleverly includes a puzzle piece to affirm the message that each of us is an important part of life (the puzzle).

Produced by the Good Cheer Company, the CD is available at your local bookstore and at
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

By Cheryl Lee Harnish

If you like reading destiny cards, this new deck, “Path of the Soul,” is amazing. You will be guided by the images of Fractal Energy Art, which is the unique source of spiritual intuitive guidance.
The Destiny Cards are each embellished with different fractals that have more meaning than even imaginable. A guidebook is included describing general meanings of the 44 Fractal Energy Art cards. However, the idea is to reach the ultimate goal of tapping into your own intuition and impressions for a meaningful reading.

Creator of the cards and professional Fractal Art Intuitive, Cheryl Lee Harnish, describes the cards as an insightful tool in physical, spiritual and energetic aspects of being. Every intuitively-channeled fractal art card emanates its own energy. It is like “living organic art” and our auras respond to this energy by expanding up to twice the normal size, in the same way our bodies respond to joy by smiling.
This is possible, she explains, because everything in the natural world is created based on fractal mathematics; including our own DNA, which uses a form of fractal-based “grammar” to communicate.

Studies at the University of Oregon show that simply looking at a fractal of mid-range complexity increases a sense of well-being and peace; the subconscious mind recognizes fractals. Harnish does wonders with this highly-recommended deck. It is a vital addition to any collection of destiny cards and healing modalities.

Published and designed by Spirit’s Way Designs, the deck is available at most major bookstores and at
Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis


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