By Audrey Hope




She is challenged to love in her power.
He is challenged to drop his guard.

She is tested to evoke her light.
He is tested to evoke his shadow.

She must speak.
He must learn.

Calling her to strengthen her self-esteem,
Calling him to soften his feigned ego.

She needs no make-up.
He needs no muscle.

Knowing she is ageless,
Knowing he is kind.
Knowing she is beauty,
Knowing he is tender.

Will she keep herself?
Will he keep himself from running?

Together, do they dare?
To seal the holy wounds of centuries-
Their unhealed hearts.

In divine need, finally, 2007.
A royal romance -
She a queen
To his king.
She in love with herself.
He in love with her.

There is no escape.
It will be done.
It must be done.
A glorious union,
Meeting, eye to eye,
A balanced kiss,
The world must now touch.

Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Please visit www.hopesrealwomen.com

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