Use the Secret Behind the Secret
to Enhance Your Relationships
By Aileen Nobles



Do you really know what you want in a partner, yet still you keep attracting a different experience? If you are fed up with repeating negative patterns in your relationships, or if you have you tried again and again to attract a different type of love into your life, you know something needs to change. Don’t give up hope! As soon as you clear out your subconscious agendas that are keeping you from sending out the vibration of “I am ready for love & I deserve the best,” you will find a whole new life opening up for you.

Each of us has a “soul-path” journey that we set up for ourselves in this lifetime, as well as spiritual contracts with other souls we need to experi­ence and work through. We also have free will with which to face each situation as it arises — fresh in the “now” moment — or we can continue to drag along debris from past experience to re-enact the same old patterns over and over again.

As we release the excuses that have not allowed us to have a wonderful, fulfilling relationship, we change our vibration. We are all “energy be­ings”. Our thoughts are energy, and all day long we continually send a vibration out into the universe that resonates with our deepest feelings. The “Law of Attraction” works indiscrimi­nately: Whatever we send out at­tracts back to us more of the same.

Our subconscious contains thousands of memo­ries, and as it doesn’t think for itself; it faithfully carries out only what was learned from our past, each and every time there is a trigger. When we hold onto a negative thought, emotion, or belief, it creates an energy block in our electrical circuit. And everything we have stored as a memory from the past that is painful, upsetting, frightening, embar­rassing, or belittling, will continue to limit us if it is in conflict with what we are consciously asking for.

No matter how many positive affirmations we say, our internal scripts absolutely de­termine the quality of our relationships.
We either express or suppress our emotions, yet to create freedom within ourselves, we need to re­lease them. Some issues that might stop us from enjoying a deep, loving relationship include:
•    Not feeling deserving
•    Not liking or loving ourselves
•    Holding onto anger, blame or judgment, sadness, pain or numbness
•    Fear of being hurt again
•    Fear of abandonment
•    Resentment and betrayal
All of these issues, and so many more, can and do affect our relationships. Love is an energy,  and it has a vibra­tion. It vibrates at a very high frequency. Our emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, blame and doubt often lower our frequency, creating a mismatch of energy that keeps us out of the flow. Up until now, you may have known that you wanted to change, or need to let go of a certain mindset or reactive behavior... you just ha­ven’t had the right tools to do it. Now you have a way! You can make those changes with the EFT. It is easy to tap away the hurt and the anger, the “oh poor me”, the “I don’t deserve”, or the fear of being hurt or aban­doned.

Fortunately, using EFT, we can release these emotions, raise our vibration and allow ourselves to be in a place where we are ready to attract more love into our lives.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple acupuncture technique without the needles. It is the quickest, easiest technique I have come across to unblock all fears, including abandonment and betrayal, anxiety, guilt, and anger. If you tap on certain parts of your body that are on the energy meridians, and verbalize the core issue you want to release, the negative energy becomes unblocked and the emotion or behavior releases.

Limiting beliefs and experiences don’t go away on their own no matter how positive you are, until you acknowledge and release them.
The easiest way to begin releasing your issues is to start tapping on one point on the side of your hand, called the karate point. It is located between the base of the little finger, and your wrist. Gently start tapping on this point with three fingers as you verbalize your issue out loud.

If your issue is abandonment, you might say these words as you tap. For example:

“Even though my parents were never emotionally there for me as a child, I am wonderful anyway.”

“Even though I have attracted into my life lovers who abandon me physically or emotionally I am still terrific anyway.”

“Even though some part of me believes this is what I deserve, I am ready to heal that part, and allow a wonderful loving partner to come into my life.”

“I am ready to send out a vibration in pure alignment to attract all the love I choose, deserve, and allow into my life... thank you universe.”

This hand point is only one of many meridian points that are used when working on issues... but it is a powerful one.

You too have a Divine Plan that is yours and yours only. Tapping allows you to attract your quintessential soul-mate, become a clearer channel, lose weight or your fear of flying, stop smoking or release anxiety, pain and so much more. Clearing your issues with EFT allows you to have alignment and congruity, placing your vibration in harmony with your desires. This allows you to attract what you want, instead of more of what you don’t want.

Aileen Nobles is an intuitive, EFT practitioner and writer. She hosts her own television show Light Transformation and is the author of “The Power to Change Now” and “Divine Abundance”. Aileen is a popular guest on radio and TV, and has been on “Leeza” and “The Other Side”. She will be on KPFK‘s “The Aware Show” in May. Visit:  or call (310) 317-2060.

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