Success Is Guaranteed in
The Joy Business
By Lisa Cherney



What business are you in?  What services do you provide? Regardless of whether you are your own boss or not, we are all in the business of providing something to others. In order to be fulfilled I believe we must live our truth and share our purpose, passion and joy. But how do we know what that is? First, we need to be open to receiving the information at any time. If we are in the bathroom let our mind be open, if we are driving let our mind be open to receiving the wisdom we need. It could be what we need for the moment or a lifetime. That is how it works. We ask how we will know when something is right. The answer is to stay open to the answer and pay attention when it comes. Claim the answer. Reach out, grab it and say, “This is it, I know it!”   Do this before the ego talks you out of it using logic, evidence and naysayers.

Stay Open
Knowing is just the start of living a life of clarity, and living a life of clarity is how we all get to do our work of passion and purpose. This means that when we are out there in the world and we are not feeling whole, we need to stay open to the clues that lead us to our next service. Our service is how we serve the world and ourselves at the same time. Staying open may simply mean standing still once in a while. This may result in your products/services constantly evolving. It’s OK! 

What brings us joy will be shared with the world through our spirit; the joy that we exude. It also extends through the people we touch. It is like spreading a wild fever of joy. Because, as we know, we are always spreading something with our thoughts and actions, why not make it joy? (And why not get paid for it!)

Honor Your Uniqueness
This often starts with our inner work and then extends outward through our job or business. That is why my business, Conscious Marketing, has the tagline, “From the Inside Out”. We need to be clear as to our purpose and then move outward from there. That is also how the marketing for your business will be clear and attracts tons of your Ideal Clients. When we are authentic to who we are and offer this through our business, there is really no competition. Therefore, when our marketing reflects our individual uniqueness, success is nearly guaranteed. Welcome to The Joy Business! (see article Creating a Marketing Message Juice for more) 

Be Kind to Yourself
To connect with that uniqueness and find your Joy Business, first be kind to yourself. It starts with you. Everything starts with you. Without the best you everything else is tainted; it is not filled with your joy, it is just empty. Start with nurturing yourself and your purpose will be revealed. It may be the purpose for that moment (to hold the elevator door), it may be your purpose for the day (to help a friend or tutor math) or it may be your purpose for a lifetime (to raise a child or heal people). Whatever it is, you will know it because you are paying attention and you are nurturing yourself. And, if you ever wonder what to do to nurture yourself, just follow the advice you would give a stressed friend.

Overcome Excuses
Why not start right now? Excuses I hear include, “I’m waiting until [fill in your blank].” For example, “I am waiting for the right time and then I will see about selling my art.” Another one I hear is, “After I make some money, I will really start marketing my business.” I saw a show about lottery winners and the big message I got was that whoever the people were before the money, they were still those people afterwards. If they were grumpy before, they were even grumpier afterwards. That means no matter what we think we need to have before getting started, when we arrive there we will be the same person. You may still have fear about selling your art or be apprehensive about investing in your business. It is time to overcome your excuses.

This is how I have come to continually clarify my Joy Business. When I stay open, nurture myself and ignore excuses, I know the purpose to whatever I am experiencing is what I am to teach others. Therefore, my business is all about passing along the wisdom I gain in my day-to-day life in the form of an intuitive business coach and marketing consultant. So, one day I may struggle with procrastination and look inside to see why. The next day I suggest to a client that if they are putting something off, it may be because they are not on the right path. It may mean they need to delegate, or it may be they need to stop offering that service. Because I stay open to my path and my lessons, I can pass the joy of that wisdom to others.

What is your wisdom and joy to pass along? What is your message today? Taking time for yourself, whether it is five minutes in the shower, or 60 minutes in yoga class, it is what you need to stay present to the joy you are to pass along. And, if you want, you can create a business from passing along that joy. You can charge a fee and honor your purpose even more! After all, success is nearly guaranteed in the Joy Business.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Marketing Consultant and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing™. If you want a business full of passion and profit, visit:  or call (888) 771-0156.
© 2006 Lisa Cherney

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