A Conversation with Nicki Scully
By Connie Hill



Nicki Scully is a shamanic teacher and author of Alchemical Healing and Power Animal Meditations. Her newest book, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt: Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart (Inner Traditions Bear & Co.), is co-authored with Linda Star Wolf.

Nicki has been visiting Egypt and leading groups there since 1978. When she and Star Wolf co-led a tour to Egypt in October 2005, it became a shamanic journey extraordinaire for both wo–men. Nicki’s journey began on the plane to Cairo while reading Jeremy Naydler’s Shamanic Wisdom of the Pyramids Text.

Star Wolf had dreams and visions about ancient rites Nicki had recognized from reading Naydler’s book. Three months later Nicki and Star Wolf were receiving strong messages to create a book combining their visions and knowledge. We were told that this experience with the deities of Egypt would pass through our lives and the lives of our readers like a comet, and we would be forever altered as a result.

Connie: I see a similarity between this book and tarot. For example, Anubis (Chapter twelve, Surrender) is like the archetype of the Hanged Man who gives us a different perspective.

Nicki: Absolutely! In our book, Anubis teaches us about surrender, and to have a heart-centered perspective. He is generally thought of as an underworld deity, the “Opener of the Way” who guides the souls of the dead and is an intercessor between the worlds. He knows all the pathways that lead from the darkness to the light, and how to transform fear.

Anubis is the shaman priest who presides over ancient Egyptian rites of renewal of the heart. He teaches us to walk between the worlds. As any shamanic student knows, learning to traverse the dimensions and experience death and rebirth, and become comfortable entering these dimensions, requires surrender. Readers must trust that they can, with a beginner’s mind, step off that cliff like the Fool in tarot and know they will be supported.

Connie: And from there where do you go?
The next journey is to Osiris (Isis’ husband, Lord of the Underworld). Instead of calling him Death as in traditional tarot, he represents Regeneration. It is about transmutation and beauty. After you experience surrender, death and the awakening that is the true meaning of Osiris, then you are introduced to Hathor. This goddess is the Medicine Woman who infuses you with the power and magic of love, a necessary ingredient for facing the following archetype, which is Set, the Shadow. With the love of Hathor, when you face the dark side of yourself, you have all you need to realize and accept that it is all a part of you. This allows you to integrate the darkness with light, the sorrow with joy, and all other opposing forces inside yourself.

If we acknowledge only love and light, we ignore significant parts of ourselves. There is no denying our shadow. We need to honor and recognize our entire being, and how we grow from our adversarial situations rather than running from them or pretending they don’t exist, or striving to rise above them without owning them. Set is the Shadow that is our Adversarial Ally.

Connie: Not only do we have light and dark, but out of the dark–ness come jewels.

Nicki: According to Karl Jung, when you mine the shadow, 80% is gold or jewels. Entering the darkness and allowing the allies to assist you is a sacred function. Many people demonize Set and turn him into Satan. We must own these parts of ourselves and embrace them with love. It is the embracing with love that transforms the energy.

Connie: There is day and night. Some may fear night, but it’s a time of rest and regeneration...

Nicki: ...and dreams, visions, contemplation and restoration. When we look at Set as an archetype, we see how that principle is necessary for life. Nothing is born without its shadow. There is also the trickster magic that acts out unholy thoughts and actions that have terrorized our world, and are most often projected unconsciously. When we learn how to express these “negative” emotions in a safe container, and at the same time feel the opposite emotions that include self-love, forgiveness and acceptance, we become something greater, more whole and conscious.

Connie: The information in each chapter seems to build on the one before.

Nicki: The book is an experiential journey, like a spiral that is constantly moving upward and expanding. It is a huge wake-up call, and readers who respond are initiated by each of the neteru, the gods of Egypt, as they move through the process. Each chapter leads to further illumination, renewal, and re-membering of their potential as fully-realized humans.

When these kinds of rites were given to pharaohs thousands of years ago, they were not given to common people. Now each of us has to become sovereign. No savior or charismatic leader is coming to rescue us. We need this knowledge and these tools to awaken and take responsibility for our actions. These rites are designed to help people come into their power responsibly, realize their divinity and humanity, and not destroy life on this precious planet.

Connie: In the Preface Star Wolf says in one of her visions “It’s not too late. There is still hope. There’s still time.”

Nicki: We were so thankful for that message of hope! We cannot let ourselves fall into despair. We have to keep striving to awaken and keep opening to feel more. Only then can we find our way through the mess we have created on the planet. We both hope this message comes through in the book.

Connie: I think it does come through. It JUMPED out at me. Great stuff! Nicki, thank you so much!

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