By Kay Walburger
Michele Amburgey Shares The Relationship Matrix!



“Students and clients come to me with three basic questions,” explains Michele Amburgey, Holistic Health Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor. First: “Where is my special someone to have a long lasting, and loving relationship with?”  Second; “What is my special career that uses my talents and skills in a meaningful way?” Third: “Show me the MONEY? or Where is My Money?”


“Five years ago I was working in a law firm doing accounting. That was as linear as you can get,” Michele remembers. “I knew there was something more, but did not know what it was. The first place I found something was from my next-door neighbor. She was a personal physical trainer and expressed faith in me. As I began talking to her, I realized she had something for which I had been searching. Her physical training included giving me a book, “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda. Next she gave a book about the Blue Dolphin and step-by-step and day-by-day my Spiritual Path unfolded.

“Next I attended Unity Church in Tustin, California where I met many wonderful spiritual teachers and mentors. I took a drumming workshop that awakened my roots, as I am half Native American (Cherokee and Chocktaw), but until then was not proud to be a “Half-Breed!” Suddenly I was leading a Drumming Circle where many more deep patterns of connection and remembering My True and Authentic Self unfolded.

“The Drum Circle raised my vibration and took me higher and higher improving every aspect of my life. As a woman it was a primal act of power! I could see that ‘Power’ is not domination over others, but rather a natural state of Being-ness and my birthright. I began to see I am not this tiny little Being in this tiny little box. Rather I am this magnificent Being! I let my own light shine. As a result, others were empowered and they too allowed their light to shine and their spiritual growth to expand.”

Michele describes her take on Reiki Place, her business and personal intention: “Reiki is far more than just a healing modality for the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Reiki is Energy of The All That Is. This Universal Life Force Energy is The Source, The Thought, The Word, and The One. The Energy of all life that flows in, through, and around everything!! You are
Reiki! I AM Reiki! We are all Reiki!

“My desire is to assist you in reconnecting to your core self, the Higher part of your consciousness where the beauty of living is revealed to you. The consciousness, the core beliefs, thoughts and emotional factors with which we move through our lives are the creative energies that build the world around us. Together we can make the world a beautiful, exciting, supportive and nurturing place in which to express our true nature in safety and joy.

“The first question I ask my clients is ‘What is going on in your Life?’ explains Michele. Next I ask, ‘Why are you here?’ I listen attentively and compassionately to what they are saying or not saying. I pay attention to the way they sit, the words they use, and the emotions they express or don’t express, to discern clues to their challenges. I watch their eyes to see if they have passion or are they just done!
“I can feel their pain of separation from their Higher Power. The spiritual aspects of our lives are not supported in our modern day-to-day way of life. We get mental and physical support but the spiritual is only reserved for one day a week when some people go to church, temple, mosque or synagogue. That is not enough because it makes us feel disconnected and separate from each other and our source of good.

“My work is to show them how their Divine Spirit connects to all aspects of their life: mental, physical, emotional, social/relational, financial, and spiritual growth. The spiritual aspect is not religion, or religious books. It is personal relationship with your whole self, body, mind, and spirit. It is Your Journey with Yourself, sometimes called Soul or Life Path. It may include a religion or new belief system to explore your Reason To Be. As people rise in consciousness they realize there is more to life than meets the physical eyes! When I acknowledge the Divine in them; they get a knowing twinkle in their eyes of hearing truth, even if it may take more time to fully accept it. It rings true! We are each Divine and part of the Great Divine Truth.

“I am a perpetual student and love to study different spiritual practices and modalities for myself! I use these tools to help people who need a different perspective to remember who they are! As their relationship to themselves changes, all the other relations change as well. Their relationships to friends, family, spouses or lovers, neighbors, co-workers, work, play, physical and mental health/wellness, money, etc, all change for the better!

“When we have a Beautiful Divine Relationship with Ourselves . . . we begin to attract to ourselves whatever we have within. So people, places and things that enrich our lives show up in what seems like mysterious ways. Yet these are scientific Laws of Attraction that have been demonstrated and taught for thousands of years by wise men and women through the ages!
“What is more, we attract more ‘Goodness’ and what ‘IT’ attracts also comes to us! The Relationship Matrix begins and never ends, with a beautiful and divine relationship to ourselves, which is a connection to the Divine Source of All That Is!

“Now you are attracting integrity, love, honor, respect, and abundance. There is the career, the money, and the relationship you desire from beautiful loving people who support you because we live in this Relationship Matrix of ever-expanding good, love and light! We are each a Matrix within a Matrix, and our beauty and good mixes with all the others and is seen and felt rippling out like Concentric Circles on a Cosmic Pond!”

Reiki Place is located at 234 E. 17th St., #100 in Costa Mesa, CA 92627. For more information call (949) 202-7493 or visit

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