Richmond, California Introduces
Pilot Electric Truck Fleet Program With ZAP
By Gary Starr



In a city usually known for big industry and emissions, newly-elected Mayor Gayle McLaughlin has committed to turning Richmond into a flagship for sustainability and environment with the introduction of three electric trucks from Bay Area electric car pioneer ZAP.

“As the first fleet in the country to incorporate all-electric city-trucks, we are proud to promote zero emissions vehicles,” said Richmond Mayor McLaughlin. “We’re signaling a direction. Our legacy for the young people of Richmond is lower greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air, less pollution and a greater commitment to make our city vibrant and sustainable.”

ZAP calls the XEBRA sedan and truck “city-cars” an electric-car design for inner-city driving, getting up to 40mph. Able to plug into any standard electrical outlet, the XEBRA was designed to quickly and affordably fill the need for all-electric cars and trucks brought on by recent high gas prices. Manufactured through a strategic partnership with a Chinese auto manufacturer, the XEBRA is available through ZAP’s authorized dealers for about $10,000.

“Cities around the world are mandating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and we want to thank the city of Richmond for its environmental leadership as the first city fleet in the nation to use our trucks,” said ZAP Chairman Gary Starr. “We are also excited that Richmond has agreed to join our Million Tree Challenge.”

ZAP has challenged the world to join in planting one million trees by 2010 and the city of Richmond Parks Department has answered by planting a tree and dedicating all its tree-planting efforts through 2010 towards the challenge. Learn more about ZAP’s campaign at

ZAP has been a leader in advanced transportation technologies since 1994, delivering over 90,000 vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries. At the forefront of fuel-efficient transportation with new technologies including energy-efficient gas systems, hydrogen, electric, fuel cell, ethanol, hybrid and other innovative power systems, ZAP is developing a high-performance crossover SUV electric car concept called ZAP-X engineered by Lotus Engineering.

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