Reclaiming OUR Oneness
A Conversation with  Brian McClure
Creator of the Universal Flag
By Lexi Soulios



Brian McClure is Founder and Managing Director of The Universal Flag and its affiliate companies. Over 30 years ago, Brian embarked on a dynamic journey of awakening that led him to rediscover the simple Truths that reside within all of us. Through the creation and sharing of the Universal Flag, he is now reminding us about these Truths and following the calling that has long been with him. His personal mission is to make a transformational difference in our world by helping others remember that:
All is One.

The Universal Flag is a banner that represents everyone and everything, rather than any one particular group, race, religion, creed, government or idea that creates the illusion of separateness.

Lexi: What inspired you to create a “universal flag”?

Brian: In the mid-90’s I read the book, Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn. It confirmed my awareness of how much we humans cut ourselves off from our connection with All — from each other, from the earth, from source energy. We have really created a very disjointed, isolating world for ourselves.

Six months after finishing the book, I was driving to a 4th of July celebration, and noticed all the American flags on display. Instead of seeing them as I once had, now they just looked like symbols of separateness to me; and, I realized how tired I was of looking at a flag that represented separation. I decided then to find “our Universal Flag” and to fly that instead, in celebration of “all that we are”, beyond our physical differences.

Lexi: I love what you’re saying.  And, I see value in honoring our heritage and our land. There is something to be said for the richness coming to the world through cultural diversity. What effect do you see a universal flag having? 

Brian: I see a universal flag serving as a reminder of how dynamic and varied the expression of life truly is. It’s not about homogenizing our world, it’s about celebrating the perfection of it. We don’t lose anything. We still get to be our own unique selves — as individuals, as citizens, as ethnicities, and so on, while at the same time recognizing a larger truth of infinite love and connection. I feel strongly that a common symbol, a reminder of our oneness, is actually critical to enabling the unique cultures of the world to flourish. When everyone understands that we are one with All, there is no longer the fear or hatred that leads to prejudice, or even ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Lexi: Did you find anything in existence that could serve as this symbol?

Brian: No. After much searching, I couldn’t find a flag that represented All of us. I was shocked… It was hard to imagine. In all the years humans have been on this planet, no one had ever created a universal symbol.
I knew we needed one, but was unwilling to volunteer for the task myself. Knowing our creator brings forth an idea through many people, I believed others would soon be led to create the flag. And, I figured there were plenty of others — like Wayne Dyer or Oprah — who were in a much “better” position than me to do so.

Lexi: So, what convinced you otherwise?

Brian: Well, Spirit seemed to zero in on me. For the next three years, I was awakened in the middle of the night, over and over again, with one clear message: “Create the universal flag.” Still, I resisted. “Let someone else do it,” I thought. “I’ll buy the flag. I’ll support them.” And, then I’d grumble about not wanting to be bothered anymore. This went on for years…until finally, 9/11 hit.
Like many, I was distressed. But my concern wasn’t for those who had transitioned that day, it was for all of us who were left trying to piece things back together.
A couple of days later, I was at the dentist’s office. The hygienist asked my thoughts on what had happened in New York. I shared my point of view, and her reply was that we needed to “go over and bomb the entire country of Afghanistan”. Others in the office joined our conversation and it soon became clear that I was all alone in my viewpoint. Not one person understood that those pilots who flew the planes into the towers had been part of us — holding their beliefs to be as sacred as we hold ours. Here we were, just as eager as they were to bomb and kill people we didn’t even know or understand.
My frustration grew with every comment I heard. Each one reflected the separation these people saw in the world, and suddenly it dawned on me. No one had yet created the symbol, a new context, through which to look at our fellow humans. I understood the power that our beliefs have to create our realities, and knew it was time to act. It was time to create a universal flag that would provide us with a truer, more loving and compassionate reference for our world.

Lexi: How did you decide what the flag would look like?

Brian: I believe the Universal Flag was created through me, by universal consciousness. Once I accepted my role in bringing the flag into form, I stepped back and allowed the universe to instruct me on how it should be put together.

There were lessons that came through my life at that time, words that came to me as insights, weaving together different elements to give the flag its meaning. First, I understood that the chakra colors were important to signify the vibrations of energy common to all of us. Next, the waves represent the ups and downs of daily life. The gold band that encompasses the symbol represents the “golden rule”, our highest teaching: Treat others as you want to be treated. And, the white surrounding the symbol represents the purity from which we come.

The flag is a symbol of Truth. By displaying it, we are claiming Truth for ourselves while reminding others, that this is who we really are. Specifically, there are five fundamental truths we all share. These are: We are One with All, We are Divine Presence, We are Truth, We are Eternal, and We are Interdependent on All.

Lexi: There’s obviously a lot that has gone into the flag. How has it been received by others?

Brian: I am so glad you asked! The response has been overwhelming and wonderful. It just shows how ready we are as a species to recognize the greater potential for our lives.
In September of last year, the Universal Flag was launched in 60 countries in conjunction with Earth Dance. Since that time, thousands of teachers, leaders and friends around the world have discovered and embraced the flag. Dr. Wilfried Fink in Northern Germany is spreading awareness of the Flag in his country ( In Touch magazine out of New Zealand endorsed the Flag with an interview and a full-page promotion on the back cover (

James Twyman has taken the Flag on his national Season for Non-Violence Concert Tour — I’ve even had the privilege of attending and speaking at some of the events ( The Flag has been introduced to James Redfield, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center, Rev. Roger Teel at Mile Hi Church in Denver, and a number of other ministers and spiritual communities. Addi–tionally, the Flag has been endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Frances Fisher, and many others.

Every day we are being interviewed by radio hosts all over the world, and more and more visitors are logging onto the Universal Flag website to learn more about the meaning of the flag, and purchase flags and flag symbols. People from Iraq and so many other countries have written and thanked us for creating the flag and spreading the Truth of who we are. It’s been amazing. The Flag is the world’s symbol.

Lexi: With all this enthusiasm, you must have a vision for the future of the flag. Can you tell us what’s on the horizon?

Brian: Sure. First of all, I would like to invite you and the readers of Awareness Magazine to please visit the Universal Flag website, because there you will find more information about our short and long-term vision, which includes everything from creating global education programs to forming a “Universal Symphony” with musicians from all parts of the world. There are plenty of ways for people to get involved and co-create with Spirit and the Universal Flag Foundation to raise consciousness on a both a local and a global scale.

Personally, I am holding the intention to meet with Al Gore and have the Flag launched during the 7/7/07 Live Earth concert. It would give 2.4 billion people all over the world the opportunity to see the symbol and learn of its meaning.

I can also see the Flag becoming a powerful adjunct to Bono’s efforts in Africa, the work of Amnesty International and other human’s rights organizations, Angelina Jolie’s diplomatic and charitable endeavors, along with the messages of every peace teacher and group on the planet. I can see fashion designers and clothing manufacturers seeking to license the Universal Flag symbol in order to display it on clothing and products worldwide. And, I am anticipating even greater media coverage of the symbol in the near future. Mostly, I see the Universal Flag acting as the beacon of Oneness it was created to be.

Lexi: Why do you believe the flag emerged now, instead of say, fifty to sixty years ago when a lot of environmental destruction and human rights atrocities may have been prevented?

Brian: We simply weren’t ready. We were learning important lessons about fear, anger and greed. We were still involved in the old paradigm of separation and “what’s in it for me” and weren’t in a position to embrace the deeper truth of who we are. Today that paradigm is shifting at a rapid rate. The time is now for us to embrace the higher Truth of Oneness.

Today, we have already made those unconscious choices that led us to uncomfortable and undesirable experiences. They did a good job of waking us up, and now, we are faced with the fact that if we do not change our focus, then our children, grandchildren and future generations will have a very difficult time. We have to make a transformational change on this planet, and it has to be inclusive of everything.

Lexi: It has been suggested that the Universal Flag may mark the fulfillment of the Hopi prophecy of the “Warriors of the Rainbow”. For readers who aren’t familiar with the prediction, it essentially foretells of a global community — with people of all creeds, colors and cultures — that joins together during a time of great environmental despair and redeems the earth. What are your thoughts on that and have you gotten any feedback on the flag from indigenous peoples?

Brian: I just learned about the “Warriors of the Rainbow” in the last couple of years after the flag was already in production. At this point, I have heard from a number of people who have recognized a possible link between the Universal Flag and the Hopi prophecy. The indigenous leaders whom I have met and who have seen the flag, have immediately linked the symbol to the prophecy as well. Of course, who can say. It’s an interesting idea, though. And isn’t it terrific to hear about any predictions that offer us hope for a healthier world.

The Universal Flag Foundation is a 501C3 company. To purchase a flag, or to learn more about upcoming projects and ways to get involved, call (630) 971-9391 (Chicago office) or (818) 848-3213 (Los Angeles office). Visit  or email

Lexi Soulios is a freelance writer and editor who works exclusively on consciousness-raising projects which include ghostwriting books, creating marketing materials and designing online educational programs. She can be reached at one

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