Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn, author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old”, plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most  stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging”.

Presently answering the question:
“How do personal relationships effect our aging?”

Dear Readers,
I find it quite appropriate that the focus of this issue of Awareness is about “relationships”, for at this time, at age 62, I find myself bubbling amid what seems to be the most intense relationship of my brief life. Indeed, for many decades, I have deeply realized the very powerful effect of love and passion on what we have come to call “aging”.

To forward a comprehensive examination of the Love, Relationships and Aging question, surely an obvious first step is to realize the whys and wherefores of the fact that tightly-coupled “love” bases much of its root momentum on the chemistry of physical attraction, coupled with the sexual dynamics of that attraction. Thus one of the mysteries of love, relationships and aging that I have long tried to shed light on, is the question of whether or not passion and/or sexual feeling “burns out” with so-called “age”.

All of which brings me to the present-time phenomenon whereby, even in my early 60s, via the chemistry of my present relationship, I am now experiencing the most intensely enjoyable, and indeed the most ecstatically penetrating sexual union of my life. And this is something I would not lie about, because several times I have written about the passionate interactions with my present love-mate in my personal journal, again realizing that one of the best things about a diary or journal is the fact that VERY RARELY DOES ONE LIE TO ONESELF WHEN WRITING SOMETHING INTO YOUR PRIVATE MEMOIRS.

But of course my recent memoirs are hardly “private” now that I’m releasing this article, but so be it, for perhaps I can be of some help to many. And again I emphasize that I THE TRUE YOUTHMAN do not live merely for myself and personal pleasures, but to help as many people as possible, helping by sharing REAL TRUTHS OF SELF-RENEWAL, LIFE AND THE BODY…

And amid the experience of too often disregarded (or unexplored) truths of self-renewal, a mystery that I continue to unfold is this: will my extraordinary powers of self-healing continue to work well no matter where I am? This is one reason why I have chosen to live so many different places on this lovely planet, because the more varied the circumstances of my environment, the more I can test the veracity and flexibility of my knowledge.

And now this amazing and exploratory journey (which is my life) again leads me back to the Philippines, again testing my relationship abilities with Southeast Asia, again healing the remnants of guilt caused by being long ago drafted (force-fed) into fighting a terrible war in the neighboring country of Vietnam…

As again I’m pulled back into reviving my long rebellion against U.S. policies of violent invasion of foreign countries, policies which, as dreadful as it may be to face, have now spiraled into what we are coming to see as probably the worst, most greedily demonic Whitehouse administration in the history of the Un-United States.

But still I remain positive about my personal possibilities and my rebellion against the guiltiness of my country, for positivity is so VITALLY connected to the healing and aging process.
So on a positive note, I’ll sum up my answer to the central question of this article by saying:

YES INDEED, love, passion and personal relationships have VERY MUCH to do with how the human body ages. And this is especially true in my case at this time, for via the passionate love I now share with my sweetheart Jenny (plus the wonderful environment I now enjoy, plus a copious amount of exercise and healthy food), I can clearly see that I’m now looking and feeling better than I have for decades.
And so be it, so be the energy of love and truth and happiness in our lives. Never mind the hideously aging-by-the-minute, violence-drinking politicians and their actor-puppets, never mind their death-obsessed ways and vile untruths, for the real truth of life is revived by the energy of a good heart and mind and soul, now and forever, LIVING it, FEELING it, DOING it… (Selah)…

Jesse is presently on a long sabbatical in the Philippines, and is not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with by emailing

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