Initiation into Higher Consciousness
By Marianne Rose Keating



When the wide end of a 14” long ear cone is set on fire, smoke spirals out of the small end of the ear cone and is inserted into the ear canal. This is the Ancient Art of Ear Coning.
The story goes that in ancient Egypt ear coning was used by the Pharaohs and High Priestess; only the people in powerful places were allowed to use this spiral evolutionary process. The commoners were kept away from ear cones in order to be kept subservient to the rulers of the time.

Today, people request ear coning for many different reasons on all levels — physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. The ear cone is an amazing inter-dimensional frequency tool. Merely wax and fabric, it is the cone’s shape that gives this tool its power. When lit, the shape of the spiral of wax and fabric produce fire and spiral smoke. Smoke enters the ear canal into the deepest inner being in a shamanistic way and out again,  taking with it all debris and toxins no longer needed in the physical body or in the electro-magnetic field around the body, strengthening the aura.

The sacred spiral works on the total body for healing and clearing. When all the body’s pathways are open and clear, the body is able to self repair. Another example of the spiral life force is kundalini energy.

This tool may also be used for creation and manifestation because ear cones put the person being ear coned into a trance-like state where the mind is receptive to suggestion, visualization and affirmation.
Ear cones magnify any other type of healing modality and work strongly on perceptions. Sound plays a huge part in ear coning as the ears are responsible for all sounds we hear on all levels. Play beautiful music while ear coning another person. Flutes and string instruments are soothing. Crystal bowls also work very well. Play a musical instrument or use toning to remove energy blocks in the throat chakra and elsewhere in the body, or in the energy field around the body. This method also balances and strengthens both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Like a spiral key entering a spiral lock, ear coning may unlock everything for you.

Ear cones are now available, not just to those of high power as in Egyptian days, but to all people everywhere. As with all healing it is done with the desire and intent, and then the action.

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