Draw in Your Soulmate with Homeopathy
The Law of Attraction Medicine
By Allison Maslan, CCH



The Law of Attraction means that in all aspects of our life and the world,  like energy attracts like energy. Homeopathic Medicine is also based on the same principle, The Law of Similars, which literally means Like Attracts Like. The word Homeopathy means, same disease as opposed to Western Medicine, Allopathy, which means opposite disease.

By taking a substance from nature that creates the same symptoms and operates at the same frequency our body is already operating at, the body’s energetic
vibration is matched with that of the homeopathic. From this similar connection, and because the body cannot hold two like diseases, the unwanted symptoms release themselves from the body and the frequency shifts to a stronger, more balanced state and vibration.

Our bodies are made up of molecules and atoms and at the deepest level, an energy vibration. This is true for every aspect of our physical, mental and emotional body. At whatever the energy frequency your body is vibrating, we will draw in the people, circumstances and experiences that match that vibration.

When we were born, our energy frequency was fairly balanced. However, this balanced state may have been affected harshly due to a traumatic birth experience or strong genetic influences. Our energy field can also be affected negatively from emotional challenges in childhood or health complications that block the flow of harmony in our bodies.

Our perception of the world at any given moment is always based on the frequency at which our body and mind are operating. Have you ever noticed that when you are having a good day and feeling great, you can easily see the flowers blooming and smiling faces that come your way?

On the other hand, when you are feeling sad or negative, your worldview is grey and filled with frustrations. When you are out of balance, the littlest things can set you off. Perhaps you miss a green light and let out a grumble, or get angry and tense when you spill something. Or you pass the most beautiful scenery or the future love of your life, yet in a clouded state you do not even notice!

Have you ever wondered why you have not drawn in the relationship of your dreams? Have you experienced one frustrating relationship after another, or are you exhausted from trying to fix the one you are in? This challenging life scenario can change dramatically as Homeopathy balances your body, clears your energy field and raises your vibration! It happens again and again in my practice.
Yes. Homeopathy can shift your physical, mental, emotional and energetic vibration so that you can manifest the partner you deserve or transform the relationship you are in now.

Here are some great examples from a few of my clients:
Susan suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She was in pain a lot of the time and frequently depressed. Her attitude tended to be bitter and she spent her day spinning in frustration. She did not get along with her co-workers and she was never able to sustain a relationship longer than six months. When Susan came to me her self-esteem was at an all-time low. Susan saw the world from an angry vibration. Her frequency brought her more and more to be angry about.

This homeopathic remedy has healed her Irritable Bowel Syndrome and darkly skewed view of life. Her low vibration changed from one of pessimism to a higher, more powerful frequency filled with joy and hope. Susan got married last year to the love of her life.

Dave’s mother died at a young age. This traumatic loss gave Dave the belief that a safe, nurturing love was not possible. He grew up never trusting that the women in his life would stay around. Because of this distorted view and fearful frequency, Dave continued drawing women into his life that would validate his negative experience. All the women he attracted were afraid of commitment or unable to remain trustworthy in a relationship. David’s grief manifested as a vibration of loss and mistrust, therefore creating more of the same; loss and mistrust.

The homeopathic remedy that I suggested for Dave healed his grief at a very deep level. Even though this grief was unconscious and very old, it was manifesting on a conscious level. Once this pain was removed, Dave felt an incredible weight off his shoulders He also lost interest in dating the non-committal party girls. Dave has been in a loving, healthy relationship for over a year. Dave now knows that he deserves and will receive love and companionship.

When Lisa came to me she had been married for 15 years. She complained that her husband was not very affectionate toward her. The more she tried to get the affection, the more he would pull away. The more he would pull away, the more abandoned Lisa would feel. This was a pattern she repeated in relationships her entire life. Lisa’s parents had divorced when she was 13 and she had been in a relationship ever since. Lisa was operating at a vibration of abandonment, therefore creating more abandonment and loss in her current situation.

The homeopathic medicine went deep to the core of Lisa’s forsaken feelings and her fear of being alone. Over a six-month period, Lisa became more independent and courageous. She stopped needing so much attention and validation from her husband. Since he was not bombarded with her neediness, he found he wanted to give Lisa more love and affection. She did not have to say anything. Her vibration shifted and he responded affectionately. It was easy and meant to be. Change your vibration, get a healthy body and mind, and attract the kind of love you want and deserve. Homeopathy can take you there.

Allison Maslan, RSHom(NA), CCH is a Nationally Certified Classical Homeopath and Life Coach. She is the Founder of The Homeopathic Academy of Southern California and has been the Director of the Homeopathic Wellness Center and Now to Wow Life Coaching in Cardiff for the past 12 years. She is available by appointment at (858) 794-0787. Visit: homeopathicwellness.com 

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