By Monica Sheehan



My family was blessed with a 125-lb. Irish Wolfhound rescue — we call him Basil. My eight-year-old found her new best friend to wrestle with, her new pillow to lye on, and a new ‘stuffed’ animal to keep her warm at night.

All was bliss until the “critters” came. I knew toxic, possibly dangerous flea and tick critter control treatments were not an option for my beloved human, canine and feline family members. I needed a critter defense — but what? Having a family member suffer everyday from the debilitating effects of undetected Lyme Disease, I am well aware how dangerous ticks can be. Lyme Disease is a real threat in all states, as is the West Nile Virus which is contracted from blood-sucking mosquitoes.

Researching flea and tick-repelling products including the synthetic chemical products Frontline and Advantage, as well as preferred “natural” flea and tick control, I was horrified to read unsafe tests, scary articles and serious warnings about these monthly flea and tick medications for pets. They may be 90% effective but at what health cost to man and beast! And when I read that even the Humane Society of America issued a warning stating monthly flea and tick medications can be dangerous to humans and pets — thank you, NO!!

Most “natural” flea and tick products came up losers as well. Active ingredients may be “natural” but some natural ingredients can also be potentially harmful. Pyrethrins/pyrethroids, for example, are made from chrysanthemums and found in many natural flea and tick control products. Unfortunately, pyrethoids often cause severe skin irritation problems in pets and humans (especially kids) — oh, by the way, most pyrethroids you find in natural products are synthetically altered — so much for “natural”.

Some natural flea and tick products use petroleum-based mixing agents, solvents, emulsifiers (aren’t we supposed to be finding alternatives to petroleum?) Natural, yes — but petroleum-derived ingredients may cause cancer in humans and pets!! Who knew!!

I realized that I needed to brew my own critter-control product to use on Basil. So I researched and tested several natural ingredients — all non toxic, all have proven effective against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes for these past  — oh, 3,000 years or so. Certain essential oils and neem oil act as IGR’s or Insect Growth Regulators that  impair and destroy the growth of fleas and ticks (and repel mosquitoes) in the same way monthly treatments work.

With help from my husband scientist and his chemist friends (gurus of herbology and essential oil’ology), I brewed several products up in the mountains of Southern California and tested them on Basil and his neighborhood friends. I am proud to say — we have a winner!

Pet Protect Natural Flea and Tick Defense works!! It is natural, non-toxic, and effective in the fight against annoying fleas, dangerous ticks and mosquitoes.

Speaking of mosquitoes, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is warning that everyone (humans, that is) should protect exposed skin from mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus. Being of Irish descent like Basil, I researched and brewed a natural safe human mosquito defense so my Celtic-American family members could sit outside and enjoy our beautifully-blessed Topanga Canyon surroundings without our fair skin getting eaten alive. People Protect Natural Mosquito Defense has three natural, effective and non-toxic ingredients recommended by the CDC to repel bloodsucking insects. WOW!
We are moms, animal lovers, and scientists who know that toxic unsafe ‘critter-control’ products are not an option for our beloved human, canine and feline family members.

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• Though people think flea and tick season starts in Spring, actually in the states that stay warm — California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada — fleas and ticks thrive all year ‘round. When it rains in these warm states, there are more ticks out at that time than at any other time of year.

• Ticks that do not carry Lyme Disease can still cause a serious reaction in pets and humans. The bacteria can cause inflammation, infection and joint pain.

• If fleas have moved in, you must start a love affair with your vacuum. With carpet or bare floors, you can treat your pet, but you must also remove the fleas, flea eggs and larvae from under the couch, under the bed, and in the corners of the room. Vacuum at least twice a week.

• Any soap and water or pet shampoo will kill fleas on contact. Choose a shampoo that will aid in healing your pet’s skin and conditioning the coat.

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