Can You Blend Fashion and Spirituality?
Yes, Says The Stream, and We’ll Help You Do It
By Helen Hillix



“Clothing the Spirit” is the theme of an afternoon program to be held in Encinitas Sunday, May 6. This unique fashion event will be sponsored by The Stream, a Bonsall-based spiritual organization, and Caravan, a Fallbrook women’s clothing store that carries beautiful, natural and flowing clothing at affordable prices.

The Stream’s intuitive counseling staff will first help participants connect to powerful spiritual energies and feel their inner glow. Once they feel their inner beauty, participants can enjoy and/or purchase clothing expressing that spiritual connection.

“This is a unique event, as far as I know,” says Stream spiritual director Beth Green, who will be leading the program. “We will co-create a magical environment of beauty, spirituality and peace, and support all participants to be true to their inner selves.

“Typically, when we want to feel beautiful, we start with the outside. A nicer hairdo, smoother skin, a sleeker figure. By changing our outsides, we hope to change our insides. A spiritual approach to beauty starts from the inside and goes out. It begins with our spiritual connection and the inner beauty we feel when making that connection. The clothes then become an expression of our spirits. It’s beauty beyond ego.”

“Clothing the Spirit” will be held from 2:00-5:00 p.m. Sun., May 6 at the Encinitas Community & Senior Center, 1140 Oakcrest Park Drive, Room 117. $15 admission fee.

For information, call Helen Hillix, Stream Director, (760) 941-8215, or visit:

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