Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Wisdom
By Barbara Draper and Olivia Chumacero



We are living in a world where changes are happening so rapidly that we sometimes forget to maintain and support the sacred. Ancient ways are being lost and we need to call upon this historical knowledge to help us survive changes in weather patterns, pollution and global warming. How can we improve our relationship with Mother Earth? More than ever, we need to be in touch.
Our sacred sites are like acupuncture points and caring for these sites helps to attune the larger body.

In the spring of 2008, a Sacred Site run will start out in the heart of Hopiland, traveling through Arizona and New Mexico. A group of Hopi runners will be joined by other North American tribes, such as Apache, Dine’ and Pueblo runners, as well as tribal runners from Alaska and the East coast. At the northern desert border of Mexico, the legendary Raramuri’ runners, will accompany the spirit run to the sacred temples of the Mexicas in Teotihuacan, located in the central high plains of Mexico.

At each point the runners will honor the ancient traditions along with bringing forward new ideas of sustainability and caring for these sacred sites. Hopi runners, in particular, carry a message about sustainability.

The Hopi are one of the planting tribes and their elders grew crops in arid regions, learning to thrive with very little water. They now have a major challenge with their water supply, which is both dwindling and contaminated. One relationship we have to the Hopi is that the Los Angeles Water & Power and Southern California Edison are owners in the Mohave generating station. This is where coal was brought and mixed with Hopi water, to generate inexpensive electricity for Southern California. Damages to Hopi water systems have been devastating, with long-term effects on crops.

On May 6th, an unprecedented celebration is being held in Malibu. This will be our opportunity to be with people who maintain a sacred way and who look at us as peers, ready to put our hearts and minds together in seeking new solutions.

Hopi dancers, artists, singers and runners will be coming to share their hopes, visions, songs and prayers with us. Their message is about bringing balance into our relationship with Mother Earth. We welcome the Hopi and honor all they bring to this heart-warming cultural exchange.

There will be exchanges about traditions and sustainability at various booths while main performances are being presented. The Hopi will call forth the historical knowledge they already have as gardeners and combine this valuable wisdom with the best of what sustainable architects, gardeners, and permaculture experts have to offer.

They would like a part of their reservation to become a perma–culture model for sustainable development. We are asking how we can help.
This Hopi Celebration will take place on the Wright Land in Malibu, where Frank Lloyd Wright’s descendants are busy planning an eco-village, with structures that are examples of sustainable architecture.

Join us in a collective celebration and honoring of the Hopi on May, 6, from 12pm to 5pm. Visit: ,
email: , or call (310) 288-2541 for more information and to reserve seating.

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