A Ray without Sunshine
By Robin D. Duncan



Imagine a ray of the sun extending itself into the world without first connecting to its Light Source. It seems absurd, yet many of us attempt to do this all the time. We have this crazy mad idea that we are the generators of our own light, our own strength and even the sole creators of our destiny. Then we wonder why things don’t work as smoothly as we hoped.

At a foundational level, we are all receivers and our Creator is the giver of everything. In our relationships, we forget this important principle and inadvertently slip into the role of Creator, or at least, we think we do. We assume the role of trying to make another person happy, fulfill another person’s dreams or fix another person’s shortcomings; false conclusions from a false premise.

I have witnessed many relationships, including some of my own, where one person spends their whole life trying to solve or fix the other person, or make them happy. This is not a conscious act, for if it were, we would realize how arrogant this thought system really is. We do this unconsciously, as a means of completing ourselves, or to “get” love and happiness from another person. And this has gone on since time began... or at least since the idea of separation entered our thought system.

Imagine a hose connected to your navel, much like a vacuum cleaner hose. In truth, our Creator, the only true Cause, offers us everything we need to live and flourish and grow… and to create all the desires of our heart. We receive everything we need right through this hose. The Creator is the giver and we are the receivers. As we receive what is given, we then extend what we receive into the kingdom as a co-creation with our Creator. How simple and uncomplicated.

Yet somewhere along the way, the crazy mad idea took hold. You know the one; the one that says we are separated from our Creator and are therefore vulnerable, unloved, unprotected, lacking and powerless. This has wreaked havoc in our minds and every day we witness the tangible consequences of this grave misperception. We see illness, violence, poverty, despair, depression and people dying of starvation.

All of these are the sad consequences of a “causeless cause” or the effects of a grave misperception. A Course in Miracles tells us that once we have a willingness to remember that our thought of separation is not based in truth, then the consequences of our false ideas are undone forever. Again, how simple and uncomplicated.

Why then, does the world continue on the way it does?  It continues on because we forget that we are “receivers” and that our Creator is the “giver” of everything. Day after day, we take our hoses and try to hook them into our spouses, partners, employers, families and friends, seeking to “get” our love, power, happiness and resources. This crazy attempt produces no more than two vacuum cleaner hoses trying to draw sustenance from each other. We continue to mis-create by forgetting about our true Source, and then experience the consequences of our false assumptions.

So, what happens if we stop doing this? What if we stopped today and released every person in our life from our covert list of expectations, and then turned to our true Source and Provider for everything? Everything.

I am convinced if each one of us did this, we would instantly experience heaven on earth, right now and forever. In that quiet space of release and surrender, we would remember our hoses have never been disconnected from our Source. We only thought they were, and from our own decision, we experienced being cut off from our resources.

While we don’t have hoses hanging from our navels, we do have infinite love and resources available to us at all times. To recognize this and then experience it, we must go to our true Source for all resources (i.e., love, money, happiness, health, stability, security, companionship, creativity and joy.) 

Let’s start today by releasing every person around us from being our providers of anything. This is an act in consciousness, not in form. It does not require that you leave your relationship or quit your job. What we do in the physical realm is irrelevant to our awakening of consciousness, for our physical reality is the “effect” of our consciousness and not the cause. Once we allow our true Source to be remembered, we can extend the abundant gifts we receive to each other. This is how love is truly shared and the kingdom is forever expanded.

Imagine being with someone, who offers you only love. There are no judgments, no expectations, no want lists, and no unfulfilled desires. There is only love. I know this exists because my husband offers this to me every day and I am a living testimonial. Through his love, he taught me how to do this for myself and others.

First, we open to receive from our true Source. Then, we give what we receive as a means of recognizing we “have it” in the first place. As we give only love, we receive only love… and the memory of heaven is forever restored in our minds. How simple and uncomplicated.

Robin D. Duncan is an Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and Executive Director of The Miracle Center of California and The ONE Center, Inc. The Miracle Center is a School for Hypnotherapy, offering private sessions and classes to the public based on A Course in Miracles and curriculum from The National Guild of Hypnotists. Visit: www.miraclecenterofca.com  Call (714) 282-9174 or toll free (888) 773-9174.
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