Wesak Celebrations Continue in Mount Shasta
By Michael Landon



The tradition of Mount Shasta’s popular Annual Wesak Celebration will continue this year, in honor of its founder, Dr. Joshua David Stone, whose untimely death last year saddened us all. The festival resumes this year under direction of Dawn Fazende, editor of Mount Shasta Magazine.

Fondly called a spiritual “family reunion,” this event will take place for the 12th consecutive year in the lap of magical Mount Shasta — a place some consider “the holiest place outside of the actual Wesak Valley.”

Wesak is named for the legendary annual convergence of Buddha, Christ and other Masters at the hallowed Wesak Valley in the Himalayas, during the full moon occurring in the sun sign of Taurus.

In 2006, Wesak officially falls on May 13th at 6:52 a.m. The 2006 Wesak Festival will run from Friday evening May 12th to Sunday night May 14th.

Great expansions of consciousness are possible because of the blessings of the Wesak. Every year devout Buddhists still make the long and arduous pilgrimage to the sacred Wesak Valley, over 24,000 feet above sea level, in the Himalayas of Tibet.

By participating in a Wesak celebration, attendees have an opportunity to connect with the high-vibrational spiritual energies, not otherwise easily accessible.

To this end, luminaries and pioneers in the realms of Healing and Conscious Human Evolution converge ethereally around the world, and physically in Mount Shasta, to explore the realms where science and spirit merge on the Quantum frontier. It is a very special opportunity to experience and contribute to a potent synergy whose impact can be felt far and wide.

Speakers for the 3-day 2006 Mount Shasta Wesak will again offer powerful inspiration and information for personal transformation:

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, (author of Power Healing) is a key speaker who will offer three classes on Soul Healing and Blessing, Spiritual Channels and Divine Transmissions.

Michael Langevin (Publisher of Magical Blend Magazine) will speak about Amazonian Shamanism, healing secrets and mystical meditation magic.

Other speakers will include: Jean-Claude Koven (author of Going Deeper); Phillipe Matthews (SHOCK Philosophy Institute. SHOCK is an acronym for “Seeking Higher Omnipotent Conscious Knowledge”); Michael Tamura (author of You Are The Answer); Mark Amaru Pinkham & Andrea Mikana-Pinkham (International Order of Gnostic Templars); Carl Marsak (Founder and Director of The Enneagram Center of Mt. Shasta); Patricia Resch (Diksha transmission); and Joanna Cherry (Founder of Ascension Mastery International).

In addition to these presenters, there will be art on display and vendors demonstrating cutting-edge spiritual and healing technologies and resources. Organic food will be available on site.

Musical performances from the following will further inspire us: Anton Mizerak, Mystic Pulse, Kathy Zavada, Jen Ambrose, Gentle Thunder, Sahavdev and Dawn, and special Bhajan leader, Sw. Vandana Jyothi.

Mt. Shasta, California, the annual setting for this festival, lends its own compelling, beneficent influence to this event. The town and the mountain for which it is named, are located on a spacious high desert plain carpeted with juniper and manzanita, about an hour from Redding, California, to the south, and only about 80 miles from Oregon.

The town reflects quiet clarity and an ambient buoyancy of Spirit that seem to radiate from the majestic volcanic mountain rising 14,162 feet just to the east; she is an imposing presence, a formidable and motherly guardian attracting artists, light workers and healers from all over, year round. The sweet and unique community that has sprung up in her lap welcomes, charms and refreshes visitors of all mettle, leaving a lasting, inspiring impression.

For more information on the speakers or the festival, visit: www.wesak.us or call (888) 926-9555. To learn about the surrounding attractions contact the Mount Shasta Visitors Bureau at (530) 926-4865.

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