Right Relationship with Your Life Path
By Gail Minogue



Shakespeare said it well when he wrote “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts.” Knowing that we have a finite amount of time on this planet, isn’t it both wise and prudent to view our time spent here as an opportunity — an opportunity to grow, evolve, learn and enhance our awareness? When we leave, we will take with us only what we have learned, nothing more.

If we can understand that each lifetime we spend is thoughtfully orchestrated prior to birth, we can begin to see that our time here is very important for our personal growth. What if we were aware of our own individual plan? What if we knew that we had a special calling, a specific direction and our own personal time frames?  What if we knew our talents from past lives as well as our shortcomings? How differently would we live our lives — probably very differently?

Imagine going on a trip without knowing where we are going, the route to take, the items to pack, and the directions to get there. Many of us live our lives in this way, without knowing where we are going or how to get there. We are born into a family as a tiny bundle of energy. We go to school, grow up, get a job and conform to society, family, and tradition. We forget that we had a unique plan of our own all along.

By knowing our own plan, we can set up our life so that we can clearly see our path as well as what we are to accomplish in this lifetime. We can also connect with our own timeframe and start to create the situations that will work best for us. We can become more successful and happier by avoiding disappointment and frustration. We can look into the future and begin to acquire the disciplines we will need.
So, how is this plan set up?  The plan is set up using vibrational forces of sound. The plan is cloaked in the sound of numbers. Numbers are not just mathematical quantities. They are living, breathing vibrational forces. Many years ago I began a study of various ancient laws based on numerical order, Sacred Geometry, Numerology and other Ancient Teachings.

I found common patterns in all things and in all cultures, regardless of language. It became very clear to me that there is an order to the universe put in place by a higher intelligence and that all things are in this Divine Order — including us. It became clear to me that our lives are planned, mapped out. Each one of us has a unique plan, a blueprint, lovingly and carefully put together so we can gain knowledge and wisdom for our Soul’s growth while we are here. It is our Soul’s assignment to learn the lessons of our Life Path number.

Each number has a specific essence — a force field. The same can be said for “words”. Each word has specific numeric qualities. The word ‘love’ is a 9-powered word. 9 is the number of completion, letting go, forgiveness, detachment, service, giving without concern for what we get back. It is the number of beauty, art, and charisma. This number is all about becoming the humanitarian, the person who understands the human condition; the wisdom of all other numbers is hidden within this number. Each of us has different numeric codes that tell a tale of our lives on the Earth plane.

So you may ask the question, where is this plan? The answer is very simple. It is hidden in your name and in your date of birth. Within these two lie all the information you need to guide you through your life. Your name contains information on your past lives, your talents, your karma, your personality, your destiny and your hidden motivator. Your date of birth contains your major learning lesson for your life path. The energy of your plan is in the sounds of your name and date of birth.

The discovery of your own self and its unique programming is available to you right now. A few simple steps can put you on the true path to yourself. You will know what to do in certain circumstances, why events happen, what types of jobs are best for you, what types of places you should avoid, the types of people and situations that nourish you and those that don’t.

You can understand the best time to begin something new, the best time to make change and the best time to let things go. Your name and date of birth is your treasure map. It is your private search for understanding that will lead you to the right relationship with your authentic self.

Gail Minogue, author and lecturer, travels worldwide with her workshops, lectures and guest appearances. She has spent more than twenty years studying Mystery School information including Sacred Geometry, Astrology and Hermetic Laws. She has an outstanding ability to facilitate personal growth, and to help people recognize their true value and maximize their talents and skills. Gail offers private readings including General Numerology Interpretation and Relationship Compatibility Evaluation. She is the author of “Divine Design — How You Created the Life You Are Living.”

Gail will be presenting a workshop, Divine Design — the Blueprint of Life, on June 11 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Common Ground Spiritual Center located at 624 E. First Street, Tustin CA. Call (714) 573-2546 to purchase tickets, or visit the website: www.embracehumanity.com 

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