Rewriting the Script
By Robin D. Duncan



“Action!” commands the Director, signaling the actors to shift into their designated roles. With practice, the actors know exactly what to do and how to portray a convincing character. If you are in the audience, it is easy to forget that it is role-playing and then get lost in the drama in front of you. The stage play is only slightly different than what we experience in real life. The acting is the same. The role-playing is the same.

The emotions, crying, laughing, sadness, climax, comedy, tension … it is all the same. The only difference between real life and the stage-play is that in real life, we write our own scripts … and oh, by the way, we write scripts for everyone else too! In relationships, we write the scripts for everyone involved and then become outraged when they play their roles flawlessly in front of us.

Relearning the principle of cause and effect was one of the greatest contributions to my personal well-being. I went through life feeling rather ambushed by everything around me; as though I had no real control. It wasn’t until I realized my consciousness was producing and directing everything around me, that life truly began to change.

I learned from A Course in Miracles that my outward experiences were the direct result of my inward consciousness. At first I did not believe it. After all, how could I have a direct effect on things like accidents happening right in front of me, being caught in traffic, people saying hurtful things to each other, or even world peace? How could my little thoughts have so much magnitude?  

I remember one of my first miracles. I was in the early stages of learning that my thoughts create my experiences. I didn’t really get what that meant yet, but was willing to play with the concept. I was living in a one-bedroom apartment after a devastating divorce. My oldest son was six years old and asked if he could have bunk beds in his room. He also added that he would like a blanket with sealife creatures on it. I just smiled and told him we would pray about it. Inwardly, I knew that given my financial situation, there was no way that I could produce what he asked for. I stopped myself from deciding against the possibility and in-stead chose to hold “willingness” in my heart.

During the week, my former husband called and said that his dentist was giving away some bunk beds and wanted to know if I would like to have them. The first miracle was that he was willing to help me at all, given the way he was feeling about me at the time. The moment I heard him say “bunk beds”, I sensed my prayers were being answered. He brought the beds over and assembled them for us. As he was preparing to leave, he mentioned there was bedding included, if I wanted it. He went to his car and brought two comforters into my living room. Yes, as you might have guessed … there were sealife creatures all over them. It almost took my breath away. Simple gifts, a loving God and unforgettable moments.

Last night, my oldest son (now 15 years old) was frantic because he couldn’t find his chemistry notebook. He asked his teacher, checked in his room, his locker, and looked in all of the likely places. The notebook was due to be turned in and represented a lion’s share of his grade. I could feel the tension building as he ran out of ideas where to look for the notebook. I asked him if we could pray about it and he agreed. The prayer went something like this,

“Dear God, We need your help. There is a chemistry notebook somewhere, but we don’t know where it is. We know you know where it is. This whole situation seems bigger than us and we are giving it to you to be healed. We are willing to follow your loving guidance. We thank you, in advance, for the most perfect outcome possible. Amen.”

We decided to drive to the high school once more to check his locker. It was 6:30 p.m. and the campus was dark and empty. As my son stepped out of the car, I asked him to find a janitor to let him into his classroom. The words flew out of my mouth before I had a chance to think about how remote the possibility was.  

My son disappeared down a long corridor and within a few minutes, returned with another person. I watched as the man let him into his classroom to look for the notebook. After several minutes, my son emerged holding the notebook high up over his head. All I could hear was, “Yes … Yes … Yes!!!” Simple gifts, a loving God and unforgettable moments.

I have learned that what I see with my eyes has nothing to do with reality. Time after time, I have seen impossible situations gently and easily corrected right in front of me. Our willingness to allow the correction is all that is needed. This works not only for lost items and bunk beds, but even more importantly, for relationships.

Along the way, we wrote the script that says we are not loved, not valued or respected, or some other version. We then enter the stage of life and lay the script on the table. At that point, every person who enters this stage with us is prompted to pick up the script and start playing out the role with us.

If we believe we are not valued, then every person we encounter will have the opportunity to treat us as if we have no value. All of the stage props, scenes and events will be set to ensure that we have the fullest experience of having “no value.”

Not everyone will agree to play the role with us. There will be some who are not interested in the drama and will never pick up the script. They will continue to love, honor and value us because they realize we are not the roles we play. However, there will be countless others who will pick up the script and act out the scene in perfect detail.

The world is not outside of us. If there is something we are experiencing or seeing with our eyes that is bringing us discomfort of any kind, the first thing to do is LAY DOWN THE SCRIPT! Not only do we have to put our scripts down, but we have to give others an opportunity to lay theirs down also. The way we do this is to hold willingness in our hearts to see the other person differently. The moment we do, we allow the highest part of our mind to bring truth back into our awareness.

This is not easy, especially when the other people on the stage are playing their assigned roles perfectly. We are oftentimes lost in the drama and forget we are the writers and producers of the script. If we want the script changed, we have to allow it to be rewritten. I say “allow” because A Course in Miracles teaches us that we should never go to our own mind for healing, for it is our own mind that got us where we are.

When we are on the stage of life and feeling powerless, unloved, mistreated or undervalued, we can be sure we have fallen for our own script. We will typically spend great time and effort trying to get others on the stage to change their ways or treat us differently. The script is the script.

Other people will always treat us exactly the way we decided they should. We will never be able to change the outcome of the drama by trying to rewrite the script ourselves, while being on the stage with them. Through our willingness to lay down the script and see other players differently, the script can be rewritten for us. Just like lost items and bunk beds, our willingness to allow a new and more joyful perception makes room for the miracle.

Miracles are the result of a shift in perception. This sounds simple, but when we are in the heat of the drama, it can be tough to put the script down and be willing to see things differently. It is in the heat of the moment, when we are most convinced our dramas are real and that other players really don’t love or value us.

This is where “mental toughness” is required. It is precisely in that moment when we are feeling the pain, that we must pause and ask for a new perception. Our experience of joy, happiness and peace is dependent on the choice we make in that moment. If we do not ask for help right then and there, the drama will play out in front of us as it always does, with the ending that we never want.

Relationships are not healed by trying to get the other person to act differently, treat us with more love or respect us more. Relationships are healed by remembering the wholeness within ourselves that has never been altered. Relationships are healed by remembering the loving truth about the other person, despite the assigned role they are playing out in front of us. One of my favorite quotes from the Course is, “The holiest place on earth is when an ancient hatred becomes a present love.”  

Our little thoughts have great magnitude! Today we can allow our ancient scripts to be rewritten. The highest part of our mind is always ready and eager to assist. If we will allow it, the drama can be reconfigured to a more joyful, loving, prosperous outcome; a more likely transition into an awakened consciousness. Let’s put our scripts down and remember to love the others on the stage for their unwavering commitment to the drama we created. (Smile). A quiet undoing of what never was.

Robin D. Duncan is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and Executive Director of The Miracle Center of California, a School for Certification in Hypnotherapy and Holistic Healing. She offers private miracle counseling sessions (in person and by phone) and a variety of classes to the public. The Miracle Center combines the principles of A Course in Miracles with curriculum from  The National Guild of Hypnotists and the latest in other sound and energy therapies. (888) 773-9174.
(Copyright 2006)

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