New Peace Symbols
for A New World
By Cynthia Parrish



The project, New Peace Symbols for A New World, created by artist Cynthia Parrish, coaxes amazing symbols out of the deep interior of children and then onto paper as concept drawings. The drawings then become individual paintings. Canvas banners are laid out for the kids to work on together, allowing one symbol to flow into another in the spirit of creativity and cooperation.

A bright splash of color and symbol emerges as the kids create peace energy in the third dimension. This extremely high-vibration energy, created while the children work and play on their peace symbols, raises the vibration of the entire planet. Energy is the Universe itself. The importance of children grasping the concept of cooperation verses competition is essential in this world today. Art saves lives and the life of goddess planet earth is healed and enhanced when children create art for peace.

The children of planet earth have a voice as powerful as the mighty roar of a waterfall. There is no stopping the sound, movement and color of this creative voice. It speaks to us on the playgrounds, in the children’s singing, in the laughter and in the anger on the streets. It announces itself as rap, as hip hop, as a cry in the dark looking for the light of the movement of peace.

This all-powerful voice of creativity sings out Peace Now. Peace in our minds that we might live in a friendly Universe with infinite opportunities and creating a world in which it is worth living. The children know much more than those of us who have been on this planet for a while. These special beings are closer to Divine Source Energy and have the memory of love encoded in their very genes. Children carry peace in their hearts. New Peace Symbols for A New World  has been facilitated by The Agape International Spiritual Center Children’s Church, and is available for private classes and groups in homes and other facilities.

The program has recently been a part of the concert event, New Visions of Peace, directed by Angel B Productions at Soka University in Orange County, California. The Season for Non Violence has adopted this program into its annual calendar of events and looks forward to further expansion.

Cynthia Parrish is a fine artist and concept designer for theme parks and film. Her work includes the new Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World, the Indiana Jones Ride, Ghostbusters and as team player for Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida. She is a pranic healer and studying to be a Spiritual Practitioner at The University of Transformational Studies and Leadership.

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