Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 61), author of the national award-winning book, Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks out about a most stirring subject: how to counteract the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “Why Should We Want to Live Longer Lives?”

Dear Readers,
In answer to the common belief that “people live long enough as it is,” after giving the “why live longer lives?” question a tumble through the anti-illusion portion of my fiercely inquisitive mind, I came up with these five comebacks to the “why live longer?” question:

Reason #1
Even amid a time when surveys reveal that over 80 percent of humanity considers themselves to be “environmentalists,” natural creation is being abused and disregarded so blatantly that a worldwide ecological crisis looms closer and closer. But given the important fact that long-term tenants tend to take better care of their domain, the prospect of living longer may urge us to take better care of this planet, whereby long-termers will give more regard to the preciousness of our natural resources, giving the irreplaceable magic that we have come to call Nature a fighting chance to survive.

Reason #2
Death by physical abuse and/or violence will become even more absurd, because it will deprive us of more years than previously expected. Dead tired of all the death and dumbness on the tube? It’s mainly a product of the quickly aging, disrespectful of life, dying-by-the-minute mind.

Reason #3
Amid the span of so-called “normal” existence, by the time we retire, our youthfully creative years are already spent. But living younger longer will innovate ways to make retirement a new beginning rather than a weary end. Alas, as it is, we don’t even live long enough to enjoy the fruits of many of the trees that we may have time to plant.

Reason #4
If intelligence truly is a synonym for creative powers, living younger longer can give us more time to develop such powers, opening up possibilities for less Mafia types and more Michelangelos and Da Vincis. Yes, who knows what magical, enlightening types that a truly “New Age” could produce?

In my small way, via my writing, music and concert production, I try to counteract the “old school” methods of “entertainment,” so obsessed with death, violence and shallowness, and replace it with EDUTAINMENT, i.e., that which embraces the truths of nature, spirituality and human rights...

Reason #5
Living younger longer will give us more time to travel and thereby more time to embrace a wider, deeper, more thoughtful world. In our big and feverish quest to create more and more mechanisms of communication, we have forgotten one thing—how to personally communicate (without using a machine as an in-between). But not only has personal, deeply-felt communication reached a new, standoffish low, but communication with people outside of one’s “national” borders has never been more propagandized and disjointed.

Thus more and more wars and foreign “enemies” erupt, revealing that life is either openly and honestly communicative or obsessed with death and dying, and in a word “old.” But with a strengthened feeling about our ability to freely travel and communicate, we can transcend the rampant paranoia being spread by the violent “culture” fostered by our current political “leaders,” most of whom (especially those currently at the “top”) should be rapidly impeached.

But it’s up to us to initiate the changes that have become so crucial. And so we become activists of crucial change...but of course the first spark of  transcendence begins within...

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