By Lyda Whiting



Written by Travis Griffith
Illustrated by Raquel Abreu
This treasure of a book is sure to become a favorite with fathers and children. A father promises that he will love and support his child through all stages of life, and will always see the celebration of life that she is. Beginning with the daughter’s birth, a father and his children go through the seasons marveling at the beauty of the world around them and sharing laughter and tears together.

The tender words paint a beautiful picture of a devoted father’s unconditional love for his child. Reading this book aloud, the words seem simple and yet they are saturated with meaning. The words have a smooth cadence and natural sound, so it is only on subsequent readings that a reader realizes the whole book is a poem. As with all truly excellent writing, the bones of the work do not show.

The richly-colored illustrations give depth and brilliance to the book. From the expressive faces of the father and his children to the details on the everyday objects around them, the pictures glow with warmth and love. Children will be delighted with each page as they enjoy the family cat’s antics, the luscious flowers and plants, and the fun details on the children’s clothing.

The colors are subtle and yet glow with depth and shading. Some of the most effective pictures are the most simple: father and child’s feet, a chubby baby hand grasping the father’s finger.

This is a wonderful book about a very special relationship. Highly recommended for children and fathers of every age.

Published by Illumination Arts Publishing Company, Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written and Illustrated
by Dafna Rahminov
This colorful and upbeat book feels as if it is wrapping children in unconditional love, as it encourages them to know they are loved and to love themselves. Children will enjoy the short sentences and the bright childlike drawings, and adults will relish the opportunity to reinforce self-love.

One page has a mirror so children can look at themselves and say “I love me.” At the back are pages to color and connect the dots. Written for the youngest audience, this book may encourage children to create their own pictures and words on the same theme of loving themselves.

The text in this book imitates a child’s careful printing without being too cute; on some pages, each word is a different color. The drawings mimic the art children create with paints, but the childlike style does not hide the artist’s skill. The stick figures are charming and with their simple lines subtly include children of all ages, colors, and gender. Children and adults will also appreciate the sturdy slick pages that little hands can easily turn without tearing.

Children will enjoy hearing this book read out loud, and early readers will enjoy reading it over and over. With the simple yet profound message — love yourself — this book will become a favorite to cuddle up and read together just before nap or bedtime. Recommended for ages 1 to 8.

Published by I Am Love Production, Inc., this book is available at your local bookstore.

Written by John Luksetich
Illustrated by Patti Kern
This humorous medieval fantasy tells the story of Penny the peasant, who with her penny friends shows the Royal Rulers (two silver dollars) and the other coins in the realm that while one penny may not seem like much, together they make a lot of cents. While the pennies are staging their revolution, children get a fun way of practicing counting coins and learn a valuable lesson about the value in working together to change things.

The words are simple and the counting is an integral part of the tale, subtly reinforcing the concept of counting change without overwhelming the story. The illustrations are colorful and imaginative, depicting the coins accurately yet with expressions and animation. The pictures convey the action well; it will certainly amuse children to see twenty-five pennies send the pompous Count Quarter spinning.

This book will be helpful and fun for children learning to count money and make change. They will enjoy counting the pennies on each page while they giggle at the illustrations. The last pages are a review, so that children can count along again.

Recommended for ages 5 to 9.

Published by Imagine Nation Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.

Or How I Saved the World from Global Warming
By Louisa May Allcat
Written by A.G. Ellis
Illustrated by T.K. Deaton
and A.G. Ellis
This entertaining book is an upbeat story written from the point of view of an orphaned cat who helps save the world from global warming. Adopted by Mr. Ellis, the cat spends most of his time on the balcony. The cat has a talk with his new owner, and they decide to hide the balcony’s ugly view of the back alley with plants. Mr. Ellis explains that plants help clean the air and cool the earth, as well as giving shelter and food to animals and people.

They begin to grow lots of plants on the balcony, and add trellises for the climbing vines. Soon the balcony is enclosed in beautiful walls of green leaves and colorful flowers. The neighbors like Mr. Ellis’ balcony so much that soon they are all growing plants and adding trellises. The cat dreams that the whole neighborhood becomes a rainbow of flowers, and that everyone all over the world begins to plant gardens in every bare space. The planet becomes green and healthy again.

This charming story gives children the inspiration and encouragement to make a difference in their own neighborhood, without overwhelming them. The cat’s point of view gives a fresh and funny perspective on the story without becoming cloying or annoying. The beautiful illustrations are colorful and children will have fun finding all the cats tucked under the plants. The picture at the end of the smiling earth is sure to draw some answering grins.

Highly recommended for children 5 to 10.

Published by Allcat Press, this book is available at your local bookstore.`

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