Living in Love Space
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



Imagine a sign in front of your life that says “Welcome to love space.”
How would you feel? Would you enter?

We certainly would. And we did. And by the way, so did you. This is one of the mysteries of love space. Sometimes the sign is invisible.

Here’s an example. A woman had been married for 18 years. It was not a great marriage, but she was committed to the marriage. One day, however, her husband left — for another woman. She was devastated. She felt like a train wreck. She had never imagined being divorced and having to start life all over. That woman was Shannon Peck, one of the authors of this article. She certainly didn’t see any sign that said “Welcome to Love Space” during this period.

Yet her life story was unfolding, invisibly, at a higher level of possibility.

Another man, who had also been through a difficult divorce, met Shannon a year later. When he heard her describe what had happened to her as a “train wreck,” he smiled to himself with relief. For him, her divorce was more like a “successful rescue effort” since now, she was available to him. They fell deeply in love — a love that could only be described as occurring in transcendent love space. This man, by the way, was Scott Peck, the other author of this article.

Now here’s the important question. Were we living in love space even before we met, when we were each moving through difficult divorces and such apparent loss in our lives?
It’s the same question for you. Are you living in love space right now, even though you may be moving through challenging, dark waters in your life?

The answer — for us and for you — is yes. All our lives are being guided higher — even though we may protest changes in our lives that are obviously “wrong.” Our lives are being guided higher in love — even though the “evidence” may look completely wrong. Love has a high vision for our lives and won’t let go of working to bring that into reality for each of us.

This raises an important point about “evidence.” It is so tempting to get so strongly focused in our lives on what we “know” is right for us that we become blind to love space. For example, suppose Shannon had relentlessly held to the position of “knowing” that staying in her less-than-fulfilling marriage was the “right” thing to do. This wasn’t love’s highest possibility. She had to open to this possibility. So did Scott.

So stop right now and begin to re-“view” your life. Begin to sense and see your life through the eyes of love. Look past the evidence.

We are not saying that this is easy. We arrived home late one night from a business trip far away. When we opened our garage door, it was full of furniture. What was going on? We heard a loud, strange noise from within the house. We opened the door and ALL our furniture in our entire house was gone. Huge, loud fans were blowing air everywhere. There was no note, no explanation, no one there to explain.

Stunned, we walked out to the back porch and stood in the darkness. Then a love thought appeared. We remembered our small but wonderful marriage ceremony — by a rabbi, because we loved his connection to love, even though we are not Jewish. He held a cloth around both of us and said, “No matter what happens in life, you two are inseparable in love. This is your home.”  Standing in the darkness of the night, we remembered the spirit of his love and the truth of this message. We were home in love space right now, even though the “evidence” said we had lost everything.

When morning dawned, the neighbors appeared to tell the story. They noticed water streaming out of our home from a leak in the washer line and several of them, as a team, had taken it upon themselves to remove our furniture, call a water damage team, and set up the fans to dry out our home. What love!

It wasn’t easy to go through this experience. It probably isn’t easy for you right now in some area of your life where the “evidence” looks impossible. But love is guiding all our lives higher and in surprising ways. This article is part of Love’s plan to speak to you with comfort and hope. Each time we choose to listen more deeply to love and surrender to higher possibilities, our hearts become more open. Tragedies force us to do this. Love’s wisdom, however, can cause us to willingly look more deeply for the sign that says “Welcome to Love Space.”

So, welcome to love space. You may have missed seeing the sign, but you arrived anyway. We all have. Love is guiding our lives, even our civilization, to higher ground. Welcome to the heart of love!    

Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to raising universal love awareness and awakening a world of Love Masters. This column is based on their new book, “The Top 60 Love Skills You Were Never Taught: Secrets of a Love Master” now available at
© Copyright 2006 Scott & Shannon Peck

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