Everybody Is Welcome at Learning Light Foundation
By John Hirano



Bright eyed and filled with excitement are typical adventurers who enter the doors of the Learning Light Foundation in Anaheim, California. As years have progressed, their hallways have seen a lot of folks transform, progress, and excel.

Learning Light Foundation is the oldest and largest metaphysical education and research center in Southern California. Originally known as the Psynetics Foundation forty-three years ago, the birth of Learning Light Foundation was the result of Lola and Walter Tipton placing an ad in a local newspaper “offering to start a metaphysical discussion group.”

Who would have thought   from a small nucleus presenting speakers to those open to new thought, there would be the development of what we now know as Learning Light Foundation, a world-renowned center of enlightenment, education, and research.

It is a living, breathing organism that changes and grows as the universe provides a spiritual place for those touched by its energy — to grow, open, and expand their own consciousness. Monthly Psychic Fairs are offered on the second Saturday of every month with an array of energetic healers. Intuitive readers, cutting-edge vendors, and sumptuous delights to tantalize your psyche, your heart, and your tastebuds.

“We are bringing the most current talent and up-and-coming artists to the forefront of the Spiritual community,” adds Sonja Prince, Director of Special Events. In addition, there are offerings of spiritually-based films, a variety of themed festivals, exquisite musical concerts, and professional daily psychic readers and healers. Top-notched and high-profile teachers present a wide selection of classes, workshops, and lectures. Always on the cutting edge, the information presented allows the mind to analyze, expand, and to grow.

Hatty Hoover, Director of Programs, shares “I get a lot of my presenters from referrals, but the one thing I have to say is that our reputation is known worldwide and so many speakers and presenters desire to come and share their knowledge and truth.”

For the curious, the eternal student, those looking for healing on all levels, Learning Light Foundation is a center for the entire family. With all the exciting activities presented, there is something for everyone.

Newest to the staff is General Manager, John Hirano. “I want to create and evolve this center to be an all-inclusive place so the entire family can continue to strengthen and develop together. We are fortunate to be adding many new programs and offerings to our community and it is really exciting to be at a location that makes such an amazing spiritual impact on a global level.

Learning Light Foundation is a beacon of light where the whole world visits and trusts the integrity and level of commitment dedicated to bringing honor, love, and Spirit. We are here to include everyone in love and light.”

Learning Light Foundation is located at 1212 East Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA 92805. For more information, call (714) 533-2311 or visit www.learninglight.net

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