Energize Your Dream with
“Business Forgiveness”
By Lisa Cherney



Who has ever heard of business forgiveness? Well, I hadn’t until I met a client who was being held back because of regrets from his past business endeavors. This client is like many of us who are insecure, or fearful of failure, because we can point to a time in the past where we set out to do something and it didn’t happen the way we wanted. Isn’t it interesting how we view that as a failure? Our whole life is set up with us trying things and being “successful” or not. This causes us to evaluate our business life and give ourselves a kind of score.

What is your business-life score? How would you rate yourself as a business owner? This can be very revealing. If you find that you are rating yourself low, then it may be time for a bit of forgiveness. A bit of exploring the past, where you feel you have failed, defining or exploring the lessons and letting it go. It is the letting it go part that sometimes hangs me up. I had to become willing to not identify myself by the event anymore. I had to stop living that story…you know the one.

Here are clues to finding those areas of forgiveness:  
Do you find yourself saying things like…  
I’m not good at…
    I always…
    My weakness is…
    In the past I have…

It is funny how when something is not our passion we define it as something “we are not good at.” In business I can say I am not good at balancing my checkbook. Instead I choose to say, “Balancing my checkbook is not my passion.” Doesn’t that sound nicer? It allows me to choose not to do this task rather then feel like it is something I should do.  

And, if it is something I’ve failed to do well in the past (like I have) I could let it affect my business-life score and give up my dream. A word of caution, sometimes these things fester and grow. It changes from balancing your checkbook to, “I am not good at managing my business finances.”  

What affects your business-life score? When you think about why you rate yourself as less then a perfect 10, what are the things you are counting in the demerits? Really look at them. I found when I really looked at all the areas where I felt I didn’t do well, or failed at in the past, it allowed me to release them and hire someone whose passion it is to balance the checkbook (or proof my articles). It freed up enormous energy and allowed me to focus on the parts of my business I really love. It allowed me to feel good about my business, knowing I had the smarts to hire people to do things I didn’t have a passion for.

How can you raise your business-life score? Where can you forgive yourself so you can begin to think of yourself as a success? And the last, but most important question, is how do you measure your success? Or, should I say, “What do you use besides income to measure your success?” Money may be a key factor, I know it is for me because I am in business to help people AND make money (so I can continue to help people).

When I spent lots of money last year creating my audio programs and workbook, I had less income. Sometimes I let myself feel less then successful. However, this year I have these wonderfully-powerful products to share with people all over the world. A woman in New Zealand drives around listening to my Creating a Marketing Message with Juice CD in her car! A business owner in Buffalo, NY trained her entire sales force using my Conscious Marketing Audio Workshop & Workbook!  

If I allowed myself to feel like a failure because of all the money I spent last year, I may have closed my doors and given up my dream. And, it would have been a moment too soon. It would have been right before the miracles started.

There is a saying, “Don’t quit before the miracles happen.”  That is how I feel when one of my coaching clients stays in business because of our work together. They employ business forgiveness and have a renewed passion for making their business a success. They forgave themselves for their out-of-control feeling and hired a professional organizer to create a system. They forgave themselves for not using that great software they purchased last year and found a computer guru to teach it to them. That is how I define my success.

What three areas of your business are not your passion? Who can you get to support you? Decide what support you would want (i.e. inexpensive, but skilled, bookkeeper with patience) and it will come forward. The Universe will help and you will be better able to communicate your needs to friends and family. You will know this person when you meet them.

It is time to raise your business-life score. It is time to employ business forgiveness. This could be just the thing you need to energize your dream. This could be just the thing to ensure you continue to help the people who need you, if not for yourself, for them. They are waiting for you.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive and Founder of Conscious Marketing™. The interactive Conscious Marketing Audio Workshop helps you connect inside to find the perfect words for your marketing so you can create a business you love and income you deserve.

Conscious Marketing also offers one-on-one coaching. Visit www.ConsciousMarketing.com or call (888) 771-0156 for more details.
© 2006 Lisa Cherney

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