Your Relationship Garden 
By Anne Kinney 



What are you currently planting in your relationship garden?

Do you know that what you are seeing and experiencing in your relationship(s) is the result of what YOU have planted? 

If you are planting seeds of distrust, unhappiness, anger, control, making demands, etc. in your relationship garden and expecting to see or experience blossoms of LOVE in your relationship ... then you are planting the WRONG seeds!!! 

What kind of seeds would you want to plant in your relationship garden if you want to grow LOVE??

Would it be the seeds of trust, loving communication, harmony, affection, power listening, mutual empowerment, support, nurturing, respect, etc.?? 

I want to share with you a clever relationship garden plan or guide that was given to me by a friend. The author is unknown to me. 

Plant three rows of PEAS
1. Peace of mind 
2. Peace of heart 
3. Peace of soul 

Plant four rows of SQUASH
1. Squash gossip 
2. Squash indifference
 3. Squash grumbling 
4. Squash selfishness 

Plant four rows of LETTUCE:
 1. Lettuce be faithful 
2. Lettuce be kind 
3. Lettuce be happy
4. Lettuce really love one another 

And, no garden should be without turnips: 
1. Turnip for service when needed 
2. Turnip to help one another 
3. Turnip the music and dance 

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. There is much fruit in your garden Because you reap what you sow. 

To conclude our garden, We must have thyme: 
1. Thyme for fun 
2. Thyme for rest 
3. Thyme for ourselves 

Anne Kinney is a relationship coach, communication specialist and a workshop leader at The Latest Thing Teaching & Healing Center in Costa Mesa. With her husband, they offer a variety of experiential and life-changing workshops where attendees gain new insights, new perspectives and tools to create a more fulfilling, joy-filled life. She can be reached at (949) 722-1962 or via .

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