Yoga is a safe, interactive, creative and loving environment for children to learn and grow. It is a non-competitive form of exercise that can be safety practiced by children of any level, whether highly athletic or just beginning. The stretching and relaxation aspects of yoga are a perfect way for children to begin enjoying movement and exercise. Every child succeeds as each child can improve and do what is right for his or her own body. 

Yoga is not a religion. It is an ancient technique used for thousands of years to develop concentration, increase bloodflow, massage internal organs, stretch muscles, keep joints limber and unite the mind and body in a state of peace. Yoga enables us to cultivate good qualities and habits. It helps us to overcome many obstacles on our path. It is the way to quiet the mind and free it from distractions. 

Yoga teaches children about how their bodies work from which they may develop a common sense of the body as a foundation for well-being throughout their lives. Children practicing yoga learn to tune into their own bodies and channel some of their boundless energy into positive activities. The result is a stronger body, increased self confidence, a calm mind and uplifted spirit. 

Through the practice of weight-bearing yoga postures, growing bones are strengthened and the range of motion in the joints is increased. Because yoga helps to regulate the hormone glands naturally, the emotional roller-coaster children often experience is slowed down, bringing about a holistic state of well-being. Through the practice of rest, meditation and relaxation, a child is given the chance to experience and appreciate the time and space to be quiet. Yoga teaches kids how to concentrate and be quiet and still. Children practicing yoga have a greater self-awareness and self-esteem. 

Instructor, Pamela Hollander, brings more than 30 years of movement experience and teaching to these classes. She is committed to providing a safe, healthy and joy filled experience for children of all ages. 

For further information on upcoming classes, please call (760) 633-3098.

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