World Divine Light Organization Shows People
How to Tap into Divine Light of Love 
By Kay Walburger



 Today I visited the World Divine Light Organization’s Spiritual Training Dojo to interview spiritual ministers and volunteers.  The interview was to discuss their optimistic vision of The Spiritual Evolution now taking place all around the world.  Most of them had been in Japan August 1,1999 for the 40th Grand Anniversary Festival of their organization held at Main Shurine near Mt. Fuji.  There they experienced a glimpse of what a peaceful place our world could be when people tap into the Divine Light of Love for all of life here on earth.  People from many other countries and all five races gathered to become ‘one’ spiritually. Eagerly and lovingly they spoke of their mission to turn the world and its people from the path of self-destruction. 

“We humans seriously need to change our way of life. We are now in a transitional period.  Material exploitation, and living in accordance with the “competitive principle” has established today’s highly developed civilization.  On the other hand, humans have been destroying the earth’s environment and driven themselves into a corner, which could cause the doom of mankind.” 

“Now, in the 21st Century, humans should live in a civilization based upon the “cooperative principal” in which people recognize each other, help each other, and forgive each other.  Humans also should advance this world into a higher dimensional scientific civilization which makes it possible for us to live together with nature.”

 “In order to accomplish this, we need to be aware of the “invisible world”.  The phenomena happening in this physical world cannot be explained by the knowledge of the visible world only.”

 “Imagine an invisible world.  For instance, can you visualize your mind?  The mind exists in a higher dimension which human eyes and science cannot perceive. The same thing can be said for our life.  That is why one’s emotion or life force holds power that is beyond the known laws of physics, and often causes supernatural phenomenon that cannot be explained by modern science, or any other studies.” 

“The invisible world exists in human body.  It is known as our “soul” or “spirit”.  However, few people are aware that the condition of the soul and spirit strongly influences one’s life.  In the 21st century, the world of love and peace will be established by spiritually-cultivated people.  That is our purpose here at the Irvine Dojo. Here we learn “Mahi-kari-no-waza”(The Spiritual Art of Divine Light). Once you know this art you can purify people’s troubled spirits so they can feel new love and peace. As a result many people notice other problems begin to resolve themselves and they experience a sense of well- being.” 

Sitting at the interview table with me were Norio Okui, Minster and Center chief of Dojo; Kenji Furue and Chiharu Iino, Minsters from Japan; and Spiritual Volunteers Kathy Vaughan, Jesse Vasquez, and Patrick Mu. Each extols miracles that putting “Altruistic Love” into practice has brought to their lives. 

They each radiated love and joy on their faces and after Chiharu did a ten-minute purification for me I felt very calm and peaceful.  Perhaps it is the loving energy she was radiating and the intention to be a blessing that touches the human heart. We receive so little true love and concern from anyone in this fearful society, that it is amazing to have a person give so much with no strings attached. It is Divine Love in action.

 Kathy Vaughan came five years ago and loves all the positive changes that practicing these principles has brought about in her life.  She is excited about all the people who come to her to receive divine purification.  She works a flexible job enabling her to spend prime hours at the Dojo. 

Jesse Vasquez was searching for a way to do selfless service, as his minister had suggested.  He loves the fact that they are not preachy but let spirit do the work in people’s lives.  People from many religions are welcome here as this is a spiritual movement, not a traditional religious belief that excludes all other religious believers. 

Patrick Mu received his first purification and found himself smiling all the way home. He kept looking in the rear view mirror to see if he looked as different as he felt.  All he noticed was a grin that would not go away.  Needless to say he came back, and now more than a year later, he is still grinning. He took the three-day training and now volunteers to spread the good news and practice the “Altruistic Love” that continues to bless the people who give it as much as those who receive it. 

The World Divine Light Organization began in Japan in 1959 led by Kotama Okada.  He received a revelation from God telling him “heaven’s time has come”.  He was told to start the organization and pass on to many people the “Mahikari-no-waza” or “Tekazaashi”, the Spiritual Art of Divine Light.  This year the organization will celebrate their 41st anniversary.  The Irvine Dojo was opened in 1988 and will soon celebrate its 12th Anniversary. It is open to all who seek spiritual blessing and purification.

 For more information contact World Divine Light, 25 Mauchly, Suite 308, Irvine, CA 92618 or call (949) 453-1406. Check out their website at

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